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The name of a people or ethnic group.

eth′no·nym′ic adj.


(Anthropology & Ethnology) the name of an ethnic group


(ˈɛθ noʊ nɪm)
the name of a tribe, people, or ethnic group.
[1960–65; ethn (o)- + -onym]
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Earlier sources, such as the two-volume compendium published in 1906 by Skeat and Blagden, employed a very different ethnonymic scheme, as also did the earlier works of Clifford (1891), Stevens (1892; 1894), Schmidt (1901) and Martin (1905).
In discussing the Middle Iranian Saka~Sogdian~Scythian ethnonymic group, he equates the Chinese name for Yarkand, which he apparently analyzes as *Sayld in another work, with *Saklai, his analysis of the name of the ancestral nation of the Puyo-Koguryoic people (p.
This ethnonymic error is also evident in the index, which contains several other problems.
The study of ethnonyms is made particularly intricate by factors such as (1) the lack of parallelism between the ethnic and the linguistic naming; (2) the multiplicity of ethnonyms for the same ethnic group; (3) the various etymologies proposed for the same ethnonym; (4) ethnonymic change during migrations; (5) the vagueness (purposely?
5) Some ethnonyms are used as generic terms covering a collection of languages and ethnic groups whose composition fluctuates over time and according to scholars' observations, a fact that increases the current ethnonymic complexity.