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A systematic inventory listing and describing the behavioral patterns of an organism or a species.


(Zoology) a description of an animal's behaviour


(ˈi θəˌgræm)

a pictorial inventory of the repertoire of behavior patterns shown by the members of a species.
[1965–70; etho- (as comb. form representing ethology) + -gram1]
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The behaviors of calves in the open-field with the Holstein calf decoy during the 20 minutes of observation Ethogram Type of rearing Natural suckling Bucket-suckling Duration of contact 100.
Watson described the study of personality as being akin to an ethogram, i.
This first issue includes an update of the Cook Inlet abundance and trend time series through 2012, a synopsis of Alaska beluga whale prey based on stomach content analyses, an ethogram for wild beluga whales based on studies at Eagle Bay, three papers on the Yakutat Bay beluga group, and a novel beluga monitoring project conducted on the Little Susitna River.
We generated an ethogram template for redwings by using the vocalizations and behaviors recorded in previous experiments of redwing nest defense that were found in the literature (Supplementary Materials: S Table 2).
Behavioral data were collected in accordance with an ethogram and locational data were recorded on an exhibit map created using ArcGIS.
Ethogram of behavior with emphasis on mating for the tanner crab Chionoecetes bairdi Rathbun.
After the students construct plausible, testable hypotheses about avian nesting behavior based on their initial ethogram, they design data sheets, continue to use CamClickr, and create ethograms that could test their hypotheses.
They focused on overall herd movements and interanimal distances and developed the first ethogram for these animals during a net set for tuna.
Ethogram of behavioral categories and their respective definitions (adapted from Statham et al.
An ethogram is a catalogue of mutually exclusive and objective behaviors or actions exhibited by an animal that avoids subjectivity and functional inference as to their possible purpose.
We developed a behavioral ethogram to aid in quantifying the social and agonistic interactions observed in immature amblypgyids.