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Of or relating to features or items analyzed without considering their role as a structural unit in a system such as a language or a culture.

[From (phon)etic.]


(Linguistics) relating to a non-structural approach to the description of linguistics and behavioural science


(ˈɛt ɪk)

of or pertaining to the raw data of a language or other area of behavior, without considering the data as functional units within a system. Compare emic.


an adjective suffix, equivalent in meaning to -ic, occurring in loanwords from Greek (eidetic), and in a few analogous Latin or English formations (splenetic; phenetic).
[< Latin -ēticus < Greek -ētikos]
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I am grateful to ETIC and my faculty advisor for their support that has enabled me to develop something that will be useful to the communications sector in the UAE and across the world.
ETIC provides product safety and performance testing as well as in-factory inspections for fashion brands and eyewear retailers in the US, Europe and Asia.
22 March 2017 - Hong Kong-based quality control provider AsiaInspection (AI) has finalised acquisition of China-based eyewear testing company ETIC (Eyeglass Testing and Inspection Co.
It argues that IB theories do not apply the duality of an etic and mic approach that deals with the contextual imperatives.
More attention must be paid to the performance of collateral relatives and progeny for gen etic improvement in Buchi sheep.
Keywords Cultural differences * Emic and etic * Poland and Germany * Qualitative methodology
In anthropology, etic research perspectives involve a study of human communities using the "outside," relatively more objective methods of science (e.
The Financial Services Authority secured summary judgment at the High Court in Belfast yesterday in its case against Francois de Dietrich and his firm ETIC Solutions Ltd.
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La realizacion de una Evaluacion de Tecnologia de Informacion Continua conlleva emplear una serie de tecnologias emergentes de auditoria, tales como: utilizacion de software automatizado, tecnicas de ETIC, modulos integrados de auditoria, servicios integrados de prueba, y herramientas de auditoria concurrente.
Among other things, the Ideological Surround Model (ISM) argues that greater objectivity can be achieved through an empiricism that brings emic religious and etic social scientific perspectives into formal dialog.
But it apparently needs to further strengthen its management, as it still receives support from ETIC using public funds.