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1. Eastern Time
2. elapsed time
3. extraterrestrial


the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) Ethiopia


the chemical symbol for
(Chemistry) ethyl


abbreviation for
1. (Education) Employment Training: a government scheme offering training in technological and business skills to unemployed people
2. Egypt (international car registration)


a noun suffix occurring orig. in loanwords from French or Italian, typically diminutives or nouns denoting an example or instance of something, or a group or member of a group having a specified number ( bullet; hatchet; islet; turret; doublet; quartet); of limited productivity in English ( baronet; octet; quintuplet; swimmeret), sometimes as a variant of -let before stems ending in syllabic l ( eaglet; owlet).Compare -ette.
[Middle English < Old French -et (masculine) or -ette (feminine); or < Italian -etto,-etta]


or E.T.,

Eastern time.


(US) abbr of Eastern TimeOstküstenzeit f
References in classic literature ?
He was forty-five then and already he had begun the practice of filling his pock- ets with the scraps of paper that became hard balls and were thrown away.
She had him out at daylight every morning, stood him up in the wood- shed and drowned him with a deluge of cold water; then she scrubbed him down with a towel like a file, and so brought him to; then she rolled him up in a wet sheet and put him away under blank- ets till she sweated his soul clean and "the yel- low stains of it came through his pores" -- as Tom said.
Sales revenues for ETS worldwide during the four year license term will be shared 50 percent VIS and 50 percent IBM, except that IBM will have no share in any revenues generated by VIS in Canada.
Cole as been executive vice president of ETS since 1989, when she left the position of dean of the College of Education at the University of Illinois.
The conference, "Latino Achievement in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics," is sponsored by three of the nation's leading education and research organizations - ETS, the College Board, and the Hispanic Research Center (HRC) at Arizona State University.
Ferrill explained, "The ETS refund service eliminates the completion of government forms by the tourist and facilitates the payment of the VAT refund.
Campus bookstores can place orders with ETS for Criterion subscriptions using the same process by which they supply textbooks and other course materials.
ETS will partner with the district to train administrators and teachers on using the IDMS system and how to build tests using ETS's Formative Assessment Item Bank, an extensive online bank of 14,000 math and language arts test questions tailored to Ohio's Academic Content Standards.
Campus K12 is excited that ETS is joining our rapidly growing group of top-notch professional development content partners," says Brett Woudenberg, president of Campus K12.
WEAC and its Academy are pleased to partner with ETS in the delivery of high-quality professional development programs, because Wisconsin educators are dedicated to creating quality schools and classrooms that advance the potential of all children," says Stan Johnson, WEAC President.
The new program from ETS and Pearson Longman is offered as part of Pearson Longman's bestselling NorthStar integrated-skills series.