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1. Eastern Time
2. elapsed time
3. extraterrestrial


the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) Ethiopia


the chemical symbol for
(Chemistry) ethyl


abbreviation for
1. (Education) Employment Training: a government scheme offering training in technological and business skills to unemployed people
2. Egypt (international car registration)


a noun suffix occurring orig. in loanwords from French or Italian, typically diminutives or nouns denoting an example or instance of something, or a group or member of a group having a specified number ( bullet; hatchet; islet; turret; doublet; quartet); of limited productivity in English ( baronet; octet; quintuplet; swimmeret), sometimes as a variant of -let before stems ending in syllabic l ( eaglet; owlet).Compare -ette.
[Middle English < Old French -et (masculine) or -ette (feminine); or < Italian -etto,-etta]


or E.T.,

Eastern time.


(US) abbr of Eastern TimeOstküstenzeit f
References in classic literature ?
He was forty-five then and already he had begun the practice of filling his pock- ets with the scraps of paper that became hard balls and were thrown away.
She had him out at daylight every morning, stood him up in the wood- shed and drowned him with a deluge of cold water; then she scrubbed him down with a towel like a file, and so brought him to; then she rolled him up in a wet sheet and put him away under blank- ets till she sweated his soul clean and "the yel- low stains of it came through his pores" -- as Tom said.
Last year, as a result of stage one of the review, we announced the phase out of the one-for-two measure in the ETS.
1997), and it is increasingly evident that ETS affects the developing brain and cardiovascular system (Eskenazi and Trupin 1995; Hutchison et al.
DTTT says the ETS Visual Org can help companies save time and increase productivity by automating the time-consuming and labor-intensive method of having tax professionals create organization charts manually.
But according to estimates from Cepi (the Confederation of European Paper Industries), ETS could also saddle European paper companies with huge indirect costs and leave them looking down the wrong end of a [euro]500 million addition to their annual power bills ETS could even re-shape global trade flows as cheaper imports flood into Europe.
Among women without asthma, those with high ETS exposure had an average loss in lung capacity of 0.
Now, ETS must enter into contract negotiations with the California Department of Education.
And when Conant's advocacy of a new national testing agency culminated with the opening of ETS in Princeton in 1948, his vision of a national test-based meritocracy was assured of becoming a reality.
continues to smoke, which means that every American will likely be exposed to ETS for years to come.
The ETS currently covers more than 10,000 installations in the energy and industrial sectors which are collectively responsible for close to half of the EU's emissions of CO2 and 40% of its total greenhouse gas emissions.
The City of Edmonton is committed to finding the best combination of transportation technologies to enhance Edmonton s sustainability, and we re eager to see how well the ETS Stealth bus delivers ETS service across the city.