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also Eu·clid·i·an  (yo͞o-klĭd′ē-ən)
Of or relating to Euclid's geometric principles.


or Eu•clid•i•an

(yuˈklɪd i ən)

of or pertaining to Euclid, or adopting his postulates.
[1650–60; < Latin Euclīdē(us) of Euclid (< Greek Eukleídeios) + -an1]
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Adj.1.euclidean - relating to geometry as developed by Euclid; "Euclidian geometry"


[juːˈklɪdɪən] ADJeuclidiano




[juːˈklɪdɪən] adjeuclideo/a
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Most such regions are usually two-dimensional Euclidean planes, but one-dimensional and three-dimensional regions are also possible.
It is also known as a type of non-Euclidean Geometry, being in many respects similar to Euclidean Geometry.
This introduction to euclidean and noneuclidian geometry leads students into an investigate process that will let them experience doing and discovering mathematics as mathematicians do.
com/research/88fd6e/advanced_euclidean) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new report "Advanced Euclidean Geometry: Excursions for Secondary Teachers and Students" to their offering.
Drawn from two January 2012 workshops, this collection reviews the history of geometric analysis on Euclidean and homogeneous space, and presents new results in Radon transforms, Penrose transforms, representation theory, equivariant differential operators, wavelets related to symmetric cones, inductive limits of Lie groups, and noncommutative harmonic analysis.
As in Non-Euclidean Geometry, there are models that validate the hyperbolic geometric and of course invalidate the Euclidean geometry, or models that validate the elliptic geometry and in consequence they invalidate the Euclidean geometry and the hyperbolic geometry.
The Brouwer-Kronecker degree and the Euclidean degree are presented in Chapters 3 and 4.
If we picture the universe using Euclidean geometry, we can imagine going straight out forever.
The elements Marcaccio cannibalizes--ground, brushstroke, color--remained passive in the post-Modern recycling of painting: "Halley makes an echo of the structure of Euclidean geometry, a statement about institutionalized structures of power.
The topics include form standard inserted into Euclidean districts: non-residential design and mixed use standards in Austin, Texas; optional districts with incentives: the Columbia Pike form district in Arlington County, Virginia; and form controls, sustainability, and climate change.
The main purpose of the herein study is to provide a method to build galactic density profiles which requires the conversion of light travel distances (LTD) to Euclidean distances.