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also Eu·clid·i·an  (yo͞o-klĭd′ē-ən)
Of or relating to Euclid's geometric principles.
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Adj.1.euclidian - relating to geometry as developed by Euclid; "Euclidian geometry"
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The Hierarchical Clustering Analysis (HCA) was performed adopting the Ward's method and the Euclidian distance as the dissimilarity measure using the plant growth parameters of each cultivar.
Yet, there is a positive reason for sticking to competition as an explanatory model: it often provides the best model to describe what happens in the real world, just as a Euclidian line with zero thickness is useful to measure real-world lines.
where a and b are the points in set A and B, respectively, and d(a, b) is the distance between point a and b, in a space of interest such as Euclidian space.
Euclidian distance) to find the K most similar training instances and apply the majority class value (emotion) of these K instances.
The spatial classification of air quality monitoring station can be illustrated using a dendrogram that measures the degree of the risk homogeneity through Ward's method and Euclidian distance measurement [33].
For all MDS maps, we standardized the data by variable and used Euclidian distances.
Sorensen distance was chosen over Euclidian distance because its de-emphasis of outliers is better suited for assessing vegetation composition data (Faith et al.
A simpler analysis of Euclidian distance between origin and destination points was computed, rather than focus on the particular routes traversed.
Ohio has two classes of local political subdivisions that may exercise the Euclidian zoning power--townships and municipal corporations.
D2, the sum of squared Euclidian distances between self- and other ratings of traits, reflects differences in elevation, scatter, and shape between individuals' scores on the same inventory (Cronbach & Gleser, 1953).
Therefore, a fractal description has the potential to considerably simplify the statistical approach, and be a valuable addition to methods based on Euclidian geometry.