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also eu·dai·mon or eu·de·mon  (yo͞o-dē′mən)
A good or benevolent spirit.


(juːˈdiːmən) or


(Classical Myth & Legend) a benevolent spirit or demon
[C17: from Greek eudaimōn, from eu- + daimōn in-dwelling spirit; see demon]


or eu•dae•mon

(yuˈdi mən)

a good or benevolent demon or spirit.
[1620–30; < Greek eudaímōn blessed with a good genius, fortunate, happy =eu- eu- + daímōn destiny, lot; see daimon]
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Noun1.eudemon - a benevolent spirit
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
guardian angel, guardian spirit - an angel believed to have special affection for a particular individual
cacodaemon, cacodemon - an evil spirit
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would become Gert e-mailed evil/live Delia, met Reg, the Table 2 entry Nome-due/eudemon would become Nome-due, evil/live eudemon, and so forth.
See, for example, Physics 192a20-24, 193b7, 193b12-18, 195a1-2, 199a30-33, 199b31; Eudemon Ethics 1218b38-1219a13; Dialogues, Iamblichus, Protrepticus 49.
It means good fortune and derives from the Greek eudemon, which means a benevolent demon.
It is by far the most comic speech in Rabelais's four books, and after it is over Gargantua's companions Ponocrates and Eudemon, and Janotus himself, "broke out laughing so heartily .
15 svocitem (vicomtes) 5 iec (ice) 121 lnewgda (wangled), owl, nicer, fie, wet, age, med) 9 tiecrna (certain) 11 ittiecrna (intricate) 156 eprslud (slurped, lowed, crepitation, fried, wites, gavel, odeum, bayed) 149 rsuatni (nutrias, growled, petrifactions, figured, waiters, voltage, eudemon, beadily) 6 nuh (hun) 10 aby (bay, la) 15 re (re, glowered) 35 hm (hm, waterish, megavolt) 16 ro (or, diablery) 1725 oneznuhxabyxpoe (oxyphenbutazone, prettifications, xu) Total 2275
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