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(yuˈloʊ dʒi əm)

n., pl. -gi•ums, -gi•a (-dʒi ə)
1. a eulogy.
2. eulogistic language.
[1700–10; < Medieval Latin, = Latin eu- eu- + (ē)logium epitaph]
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Noun1.eulogium - a formal expression of praise for someone who has died recentlyeulogium - a formal expression of praise for someone who has died recently
congratulations, extolment, kudos, praise - an expression of approval and commendation; "he always appreciated praise for his work"
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During this eulogium on the rare production of his native poets, the stranger had drawn the book from his pocket, and fitting a pair of iron-rimmed spectacles to his nose, opened the volume with a care and veneration suited to its sacred purposes.
Uncle Venner's eulogium, if it appear rather too high-strained for the person and occasion, had, nevertheless, a sense in which it was both subtile and true.
Instead of a reprimand for their previous negligence, the case seemed rather to require an eulogium on their praiseworthy caution after the mischief had happened; a grateful recognition of the promptitude of their zeal the moment that there was no longer any remedy.
Aramis, confiding in the address of Bazin, made a pompous eulogium on his candidate.
Cocles went away perfectly happy, for this eulogium of M.
They who live with the sea have got to hold by that creed first and last; and it came to me, as I glanced at him sideways, that some men were not altogether unworthy in honour and conscience to pronounce the funereal eulogium of a ship's constancy in life and death.
Le Quoi, as they descended the stairs, on the subject of psalmody, which he closed by a violent eulogium on the air of the “Bay of Biscay, 0,” as particularly connected with his friend Benjamin’s execution.
Now so long divided from everybody who knew the place, she felt it quite the voice of a friend when he mentioned it, and led the way to her fond exclamations in praise of its beauties and comforts, and by his honourable tribute to its inhabitants allowed her to gratify her own heart in the warmest eulogium, in speaking of her uncle as all that was clever and good, and her aunt as having the sweetest of all sweet tempers.
There is sometimes in the manner in which a eulogium is given, in the voice, in the affectionate tone, a poison so sweet, that the strongest mind is intoxicated by it.
A handsome, well-made, powerful youngster he was; with eyes that sparkled like the red-hot droppings from a furnace fire; black hair that curled about his swarthy temples rarely; and a smile--a smile that bore out Meg's eulogium on his style of conversation.
This is a hasty outline of the chief things you'd have to do, except waiting in the lobby every night, in case I forgot anything, and should want fresh cramming; and, now and then, during great debates, sitting in the front row of the gallery, and saying to the people about--'You see that gentleman, with his hand to his face, and his arm twisted round the pillar--that's Mr Gregsbury--the celebrated Mr Gregsbury,'--with any other little eulogium that might strike you at the moment.
le Maire," he said, bending as though to escape from Benassis' eulogium.