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n. pl. eu·pho·nies
Agreeable sound, especially in the phonetic quality of words.

[French euphonie, from Late Latin euphōnia, from Greek euphōniā, from euphōnos, sweet-voiced : eu-, eu- + phōnē, sound; see bhā- in Indo-European roots.]

eu·phon′ic (yo͞o-fŏn′ĭk) adj.
eu·phon′i·cal·ly adv.


(juːˈfɒnɪk) or


1. denoting or relating to euphony; pleasing to the ear
2. (Phonetics & Phonology) (of speech sounds) altered for ease of pronunciation
euˈphonically, euˈphoniously adv
euˈphoniousness n


(yuˈfɒn ɪk)

also eu•phon′i•cal,

pertaining to or characterized by euphony.
eu•phon′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.euphonic - of or relating to or characterized by euphony


Resembling or having the effect of music, especially pleasing music:


[juːˈfɒnɪk] ADJeufónico


, euphonious
adjeuphonisch, wohlklingend


[juːˈfɒnɪk] adjeufonico/a
References in classic literature ?
He was not then known as Wing Biddlebaum, but went by the less euphonic name of Adolph Myers.
No fewer than 45 people will take the stage to ensure that the experience is as sonically authentic to the original recordings as it is gloriously euphonic.
With free verse poems, it may seem easier at the beginning but there isn't that automatic oral and euphonic guarantee that it actually clicked.
I was struck by the great beauty of this word (or name), entirely coherent with the normal style of A-S, but euphonic to a peculiar degree in that pleasing but not 'delectable' language.
The following passage from Kong Pingzhong's Henghuang xinlun [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (New disquisitions on euphonic jade) set the precedent for later critiques.
Under Neumann's baton, the Czech Philharmonic delivered Dvorak's symphonies in slower tempos, with euphonic woodwinds and in a consistent shape, sonically rounded off by the splendid acoustics of the Dvorak Hall at the Rudolfinum, ruthless to inner voices and harsh towards detailed work with the motifs.
It explicates the etymological histories of many zingy words, and the choice of included words is both highly competent and euphonic to boot.
Unlike those domain names previously mentioned, these are either emotionally charged names, hybrids of latin and greek elements, highly euphonic names or purely benefit-driven health care names.
He released six editions of his album Journeyer, single edition of Volume 1 Euphonic (The Journey Continues), album Bollywood Breakdown and one Official Track (New Delhi).
According to Pieri, the particle -ne could later have become generalized as a mere euphonic addition to vowel-final oxytones (340).
An afternoon concert on Sunday, from 2-4pm, will be performed by Morpeth Waits and Euphonic Sounds.