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Pleasing or agreeable to the ear.

eu·pho′ni·ous·ly adv.
eu·pho′ni·ous·ness n.


(yuˈfoʊ ni əs)

pleasant in sound; agreeable to the ear.
eu•pho′ni•ous•ly, adv.
eu•pho′ni•ous•ness, n.
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Adj.1.euphonious - having a pleasant sound; "a euphonious trill of silver laughter"
cacophonic, cacophonous - having an unpleasant sound; "as cacophonous as a henyard"- John McCarten
2.euphonious - (of speech or dialect) pleasing in sound; not harsh or strident; "her euphonious Southern speech"
dialect, idiom, accent - the usage or vocabulary that is characteristic of a specific group of people; "the immigrants spoke an odd dialect of English"; "he has a strong German accent"; "it has been said that a language is a dialect with an army and navy"
soft - (of sound) relatively low in volume; "soft voices"; "soft music"


Resembling or having the effect of music, especially pleasing music:
References in classic literature ?
The sobriquet of La Carconte had been bestowed on Madeleine Radelle from the fact that she had been born in a village, so called, situated between Salon and Lambesc; and as a custom existed among the inhabitants of that part of France where Caderousse lived of styling every person by some particular and distinctive appellation, her husband had bestowed on her the name of La Carconte in place of her sweet and euphonious name of Madeleine, which, in all probability, his rude gutteral language would not have enabled him to pronounce.
Indeed, it is to be wished that the whole of our country could be rescued, as much as possible, from the wretched nomenclature inflicted upon it, by ignorant and vulgar minds; and thismight be done, in a great degree, by restoring the Indian names, wherever significant and euphonious.
The real name of the little man was Harris, but it had gradually merged into the less euphonious one of Trotters, which, with the prefatory adjective, Short, had been conferred upon him by reason of the small size of his legs.
Music pioneer Kedar Massenburg has partnered with the Anguillian musical community to help bring this euphonious production to fruition.
The Cambridge Companion also reinforces the identification of a major stylistic shift in Tippett's corpus: King Priam (1958-61) marks Tippett's transformation of a lyrical, linear, euphonious early style into a more gestural, fragmentary, dissonant later one.
Their euphonious counterparts, sureness and sweetness, are markedly different: polysyllabic, the abstract nouns temper the severity of the action both by sound and sensory appeal.
But the future tense employed in "piano after war" for events that "shall" or "will" happen creates an elusive quality and indicates that such euphonious poetry may only be a dream.
I have come to prefer the euphonious word "event" to "fact" whenever I can.
They know not half the grand euphonious ologies, Which crown the polished lore of certain colleges.
It always sounded more euphonious to Philip than its original.
In the end, the euphonious music gone, the pair simply look at each other and--detente--together walk out the door.
If the music departs from the correct notes due to careless or clumsy playing, the sound produced will be less than euphonious.