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A brass instrument similar to the tuba but having a somewhat higher pitch and a mellower sound.

[From Greek euphōnos, sweet-voiced; see euphony.]


(Instruments) a brass musical instrument with four valves; the tenor of the tuba family. It is used mainly in brass bands
[C19: New Latin, from euph(ony + harm)onium]


(yuˈfoʊ ni əm)

a brass musical instrument similar to but smaller than the tuba.
[1860–65; euph (ony) + (harm) onium]
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Noun1.euphonium - a bass horn (brass wind instrument) that is the tenor of the tuba familyeuphonium - a bass horn (brass wind instrument) that is the tenor of the tuba family
bass horn, sousaphone, tuba - the lowest brass wind instrument


[juːˈfəʊnɪəm] Nbombardino m


nEuphonium nt
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Like the pint of Guinness I enjoyed with my pork scratchings, the euphonium is an acquired taste.
The band's principal euphonium player, David Smith, also picked up the prize for best instrumentalist having impressed the judges with a challenging solo.
Low brass instruments like the tuba and euphonium play an important role in music, Codieck said, but they often are overlooked in favor of trumpets and other high brass instruments that are featured in solos.
Mr Cooper said: "It is a brass Willson euphonium and was in a black Reunion Blues gig bag and is worth pounds 4,000.
Levy and Gabriele Mirabassi deserve special mention, as do the formidable team of Michel Godard and Dave Bargeron, tussling on tuba and euphonium and surely hitting the highest ranges attainable by their blustery horns.
A 4 Brass Quartet, from left, |cornet player Jamie Smith, solo horn Jonathan Bates, baritone horn Michael Cavanagh and euphonium player Christopher Robertson
He was a semi-finalist in the International Tuba and Euphonium Conference and placed first in the Commencement Bay Solo/Ensemble Young Artist Competitions.
Two dozen young promising cornet, euphonium, trombone and bass players, and 10 adults turned up for the event.
Trumpeter Bill Watson, drummer Stuart Ellerton and euphonium player Andy Marsh passed on their knowledge to 18 young musicians at Durham's County Hall.
I had to make the euphonium first so I knew what I was talking about when teaching them," added Pieces from the workshops are included in the Galeri exhibition, which encompasses contemporary and historical images.
EUPHONIUM players from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff yesterday became the first group to perform in the NHS as part of the new Healthy Sounds initiative.