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Having a chromosome number that is an exact multiple of the haploid number for the species.
An organism having a euploid chromosome number.

eu′ploi′dy n.


n. euploidia, grupos completos de cromosomas.
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If, in a woman less than 36, there is evidence of recurrent euploidy, that's not an indication for preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
What remains unknown, however, is what portion of the discordancy between NIPT and fetal results is attributable to the demarcation between euploidy and aneuploidy established by the statistical algorithms, and how much is due to biologic explanations uncovered by the greater sensitivity of MPS.
These results suggest that female triploid Yesso scallops can release mature and functional gametes, and aneuploid progeny closest to euploidy, especially diploidy, survive longer.