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 (yo͝or′ə-thûr′məl) also eu·ry·ther·mic (-mĭk) or eu·ry·ther·mous (-məs)
Adaptable to a wide range of temperatures. Used of an organism.

eu′ry·therm′ n.


(ˌjʊərɪˈθɜːməl) ,




(Biology) (of organisms) able to tolerate a wide range of temperatures in the environment. Compare stenothermal
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0 % were eurythermic species from the San Diego to the Panamic Province, 13.
a new alkaliphilic, eurythermic and halotolerant methanogen isolated from deep granitic groundwater.
In addition, other studies have reported the euryhaline character in the larval (Carvalho et al, 2013) and adult forms (Coelho, 1963, 1964), eurythermic characteristics (Stilman & Somero, 2000), and the use of different strategies by the species.
The dominant calanoid copepod, Arctodiaptomus spinosus, is a typical crustacean of sodium lakes and a eurythermic species reproducing at a wide range of temperatures (Dokulil and Herzig, 2009).
There, B-pattern species, such as the eurythermic and euryhaline B.
The species is thought to be of Antarctic evolutionary origin, and is one of the most eurythermic, euryhaline and stenobathic representative of the suborder (Pequeno, 1989).
Cercopagis pengoi is also very eurythermic, persisting in waters as cold as 8[degrees]C and, at lower abundances, at temperatures as high as 30[degrees]C (MacIsaac and others 1999).
Microclimate variability and the eurythermic nature of goldenrod gall fly (Eurosta solidaginis) larvae (Diptera: Tephritidae).