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n. pl. eu·sta·sies
A uniform worldwide change in sea level.

[From eustatic, of eustasy, from German eustatisch : eu- + stat(o)- + -isch, adj. suff.]

eu·stat′ic (-stăt′ĭk) adj.


(Physical Geography) denoting or relating to worldwide changes in sea level, caused by the melting of ice sheets, movements of the ocean floor, sedimentation, etc
[C20: from Greek, from eu- + static]
eustasy, eustacy n
euˈstatically adv
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Correlation and Sea Level Fluctuations: Figure 5 illustrates the correlation between cores WM-8 and WM-10, and the eustatic sea level curve for the Late Pennsylvanian (Ross and Ross, 1988).
The last total submergence of Aldabra due to eustatic sea-level changes was approximately 125,000 years ago (Thompson and Walton 1972; Taylor et al.
This unconformity corresponds to the eustatic fall in sea level associated with the terminal Ashgillian event (Berry and Boucot, 1973).
Tectonic, eustatic and environmental controls on mid-Cretaceous Carbonate platform deposition, south-central Pyrenees, Spain.
In the absence of conodonts and graptolites precise timing of the initial flooding of the region cannot be defined, while correlation with the Asaphellus inflatus-Dactylocephalus Zone of the Tremadocian succession in South China suggests that it occurred early during the Cordylodus angulatus Zone and was probably synchronous with the transgressive phase of the Black Mountain Eustatic Event of Miller (1984).
Studies on sequence stratigraphy from separated marine Cenomanian successions with a high-resolution ammonite biostratigraphy have demonstrated that sea-level changes are globally synchronous and therefore eustatic in origin (Anglo-Paris basin, Robaszynski et al.
This sag, combined with a lowering of eustatic sea level, resulted in the exposure and erosion of broad shelfal areas, and deposition of the detritus in the sag basin.
2005) repeatedly flooded the Maritimes Basin during eustatic highstands, with transgressions developing diachronously in a westerly direction from the Russian Platform and through the North Variscan Basin in Germany (Dallmeyer et al 1995; Oplustil 2005).
I propose that the term "Beringia" be used in a broader sense, rather than being applied to a specific, geographically limited refugium that existed particularly during the Late Pleistocene, when spreading of the world's ice sheets caused eustatic drops in sea level.
Delta progradation began to occur after postglacial rise in global eustatic sea levels of ca.
Comparison of the southern Missouri accommodation plot with the plots from other Lower Ordovician basins will be used to confirm the processes controlling meter-scale cycle formation, such as, eustatic sea level fluctuation, auto-cyclic sedimentation, and/or tectonic processes.