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 (yo͞o′thə-nīz′) also eu·than·a·tize (yo͞o-thăn′ə-tīz′)
tr.v. eu·than·ized, eu·than·iz·ing, eu·than·iz·es also eu·than·a·tized or eu·than·a·tiz·ing or euthan·a·tiz·es
To subject to euthanasia.


(ˈjuːθəˌnaɪz) or




(ˈjuːθəˌneɪz) or


(Medicine) (tr) to kill (a person or animal) painlessly, esp to relieve suffering from an incurable illness
Also called: euthanatize
[C20: back formation from euthanasia]


(ˈyu θəˌnaɪz)

v.t. -nized, -niz•ing.
to subject to euthanasia.
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The family made the difficult choice to have the pet euthanized.
After a few weeks, the foxes were usually euthanized because they did not respond to (nonspecific) medical treatment.
The large, deadly snake was captured and euthanized by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee officers as the species is not native to Florida.
Mice were euthanized when the BUN reached or exceeded 50 mg/dL and/or proteinuria reached or exceeded 2,000 mg/dL.
In 1999, 45,909 cats and dogs were euthanized statewide in Utah (13,306 of them healthy); in 2003, No More Homeless Pets in Utah reduced total shelter deaths to 36,121, while increasing adoptions by 10,827.
One study in Holland showed that approximately 15 percent of the annual deaths in Holland result from a doctor directly or indirectly killing a patient--and as many as half had not ask to be killed--despite legal requirements in Holland that to be euthanized legally, a patient must make repeated requests to die, have uncontrollable pain, have witnesses, and have two doctors who agree.
Dear Earthtalk: are as many cats and dogs being euthanized these days as back in the 1970s and 1980s when indiscriminate breeding led to explosions in pet populations?
On Tuesday morning, a maiden filly named Bell Canyon Road, trained by Barry Abrams, broke down near the finish line and had to be euthanized because of a broken right front leg.
NETHERLANDS -- Between 2005 and 2010, the number of requests by patients asking to be euthanized by a doctor (known as physician-assisted suicide) increased dramatically.
All infected animals have been euthanized and the village has been put under 3-month quarantine.
Over 50,000 of 80,000 shelter animals in Los Angeles County were euthanized last year, according to the Heigl Foundation.
The deaf twins asked to be euthanized after they found out they were going blind and would be unable to see each other, ABC News reported.