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A lustrous, blackish-brown mineral consisting primarily of titanium, uranium, and the rare-earth elements cerium, erbium, and yttrium.

[From Greek euxenos, kind to strangers (from its unusual composition) : eu-, eu- + xenos, stranger; see ghos-ti- in Indo-European roots.]


(Minerals) a rare brownish-black mineral containing erbium, cerium, uranium, columbium, and yttrium
[C19: from Greek euxenos hospitable (literally: well-disposed to strangers), from eu- + xenos stranger; from its containing a number of rare elements]
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TaiCare recently acquired the exclusive licensing agreement for Taiwan from Euxenite in a transaction consented to by CyberCare.
The NYF Mukinbudin pegmatite field has been known for rare minerals including allanite, euxenite, fergusonite, ilmenorutile, monazite, xenotime and zircon since 2000.
Nasdaq:CYBR), a telehealth technology innovator, recently activated its network operations in Taiwan to support its technology licensing agreement with Euxenite of Taiwan.
Since the beginning of the 20th century it has been a fruitful collecting area, yielding fine crystals of euxenite, gadolinite, allanite, aeschynite, fersmite and many other species from its rare-earth-enriched pegmatites.
Included were Madagascar rare-earth classics like sharp betafite crystals to 4 cm; well-composed earthy brown sprays of 2-cm euxenite crystals; swarms of loose 1 and 2-cm cubes of lustrous black thorianite; and allanite crystal groups from Madagascar and from Alto Ligonha, Mozambique.
Other minerals reported include xenotime, euxenite, bismutocolumbite, bismutomicrolite, microlite, hambergite, petali te, stilbite and apatite.
Associations include betafite, euxenite, monazite and xenotime-(Y) (DSGM, 1974).
Excellent albite, euxenite, monazite and zircon crystals have been found there as well.