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v. e·vap·o·rat·ed, e·vap·o·rat·ing, e·vap·o·rates
a. To convert or change into a vapor.
b. To draw off in the form of vapor.
2. To draw moisture from, as by heating, leaving only the dry solid portion.
3. To deposit (a metal) on a substrate by vacuum sublimation.
a. To change into vapor.
b. To pass off in or as vapor.
2. To produce vapor.
3. To disappear; vanish: Our fears at last evaporated. See Synonyms at disappear.

[Middle English evaporaten, from Latin ēvapōrāre, ēvapōrāt- : ē-, ex-, ex- + vapor, steam.]

e·vap′o·ra′tion n.
e·vap′o·ra′tive adj.
e·vap′o·ra′tive·ly adv.
e·vap′o·ra·tiv′i·ty (-ərə-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.
e·vap′o·ra′tor n.
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Adj.1.evaporative - relating to or causing or being caused by evaporationevaporative - relating to or causing or being caused by evaporation; "an evaporative cooler"
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Tenders are invited for Evaporative Emissions Inputs to the MOVES Model
Technology is able today to reduce the amount of water used by most data centers (who use evaporative cooling) by10%--50% or more.
Retort for evaporative cooling of large batches of raw product eliminate transportation and refrigeration expenses of traditional cooling.
An increase in evaporative drying means that even regions expected to get more rain, including important wheat, corn and rice belts in the western United States and southeastern China, will be at risk of drought.
com)-- Port-A-Cool, LLC, a global industry leader in the design and manufacture of portable evaporative cooling units, is happy to announce a joint initiative with This Old House Ventures as a participating manufacturer in The Great TOH Giveaway.
It begins by developing a model for a single-stage ammonia refrigeration system, including models for the evaporative condenser and heat reclaim.
A hangar at Sharjah Airport is set to save up to 75% on its cooling bill following the installation of an evaporative cooling system, according to the company which installed the system, Smart4Power .
Breezair, a leading evaporative air cooling brand from Australia, has won a slew of major projects in a range of new applications areas across the UAE, giving it a firm foothold in the local market and boosting its regional expansion plan.
Evaporative self-assembly of ordered complex structures.
a privately held medical device company, today announced that it has secured up to $70 million in funding from HealthCare Royalty Partners to fully implement the company's commercialization efforts and establish the TearScience system as the "Standard of Care" for evaporative dry eye.
Summary: Evaporative air conditioning of outdoor environment is the new trend in the Gulf and its demand is fast rising especially with the advent of summer.
In this work, the enhancement in the COP and the reduction in power consumption for a split AC unit are evaluated when a direct water spray evaporative cooling system is used.