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A sedimentary deposit of precipitated minerals, formed by the evaporation of saline water.

[evapor(ation) + -ite.]

e·vap′o·rit′ic (-rĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) geology of or relating to an evaporite
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There are several evaporitic sequences in the Miocene.
Conditions may have been favourable for the formation of an evaporitic environment during the Keila age, when the sea level dropped (Nestor & Einasto 1997).
stromatolicola from stromatolites in two evaporitic lakes and a marsh in the Cuatro Cienegas basin, in central Coahuila, northern Mexico (Zamudio-Valdez and Reid 1990), L.
For example, there are inland hypersaline lakes in evaporitic basins in the highlands of the Atacama Desert, a sub- tropical and extremely dry desert (24[degrees]30'S, 69[degrees]15'W) (Demergasso et al.
The results of this survey revealed the presence of a sandstone formation probably more than 300m thick at the core of the NE-SW anticlinal structure and the absence of an evaporitic sequence or salt dome up to the depth of 275m.
The Zohr prospect is characterised as a Lower-Middle Miocene Carbonate reservoir, hosting a biogenic gas accumulation within a tertiary source rock, which is sealed by the Messinian Evaporitic complex (also known as the Rosetta Formation).
As regards the Fushun Basin, the tectonic subsidence was almost finished in the Bartonian-Priabonian and the fillings were formed in an evaporitic environment with little terrigenous supply, thus no coal seams were deposited during this stage [21].
The relative long-lasting subaerial exposure and sharp facies change into an evaporitic salt marsh or salt pan environment of the Keuper facies suggests that a relative sea-level fall and a Lowstand Systems Tract resulted over the upper boundary of the Muschelkalk sequence.
Both desert soils in northern China and the loess derived from these soils are associated with evaporitic minerals that are dominated by calcium carbonate (CaC[O.
The flanks of the palaeo-seif are onlapped by evaporitic Holocene carbonates (Kenig, 1991, 2012) which lie directly upon the underlying Pleistocene marine carbonates (Fig.
Dr Yannick Branquet (University of Orleans, France) discussed the tectono-stratigraphic significance of a regional emerald-bearing evaporitic breccia horizon in the Gachala-Chivor-Macanal area of Colombia.
The Ainslie Detachment: a regional flat-lying extensional fault in the Carboniferous evaporitic Maritimes Basin of Nova Scotia, Canada.