evening clothes

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Noun1.evening clothes - attire to wear on formal occasions in the eveningevening clothes - attire to wear on formal occasions in the evening
attire, garb, dress - clothing of a distinctive style or for a particular occasion; "formal attire"; "battle dress"
balldress - a suit or dress for formal occasions
dinner dress, dinner gown, evening gown, formal - a gown for evening wear
black tie, dinner jacket, tux, tuxedo - semiformal evening dress for men
dress suit, full dress, tail coat, tailcoat, tails, white tie and tails, white tie - formalwear consisting of full evening dress for men
References in classic literature ?
In his chilly bedroom Chandler laid away his evening clothes for a sixty-nine days' rest.
Fentolin, in his queerly-cut evening clothes, sat with folded arms, leaning back in his carriage.
I have had to send her evening clothes, but you can't tell, Mr.
Meekins alone, looking more like a prize fighter than ever in his somber evening clothes, had taken the place of the butler behind his master's chair.
He was much interested in Philip's evening clothes.
He discovered that Bell had dressed up the bolster in his evening clothes.
As a young admirer had once said of him: "If anybody can tell a fellow just when to wear a black tie with evening clothes and when not to, it's Larry Lefferts.
He was bigger than I expected: I do not know why I had imagined him slender and of insignificant appearance; in point of fact he was broad and heavy, with large hands and feet, and he wore his evening clothes clumsily.
The taller of the two (he was in evening clothes under a light wide-open overcoat) with great presence of mind chucked her under the chin, giving me the view at the same time of a flash of white teeth in his dark, lean face.
Perhaps it is his evening clothes," Lady Tresham remarked, "they take some getting used to, I believe.
Your getaway wardrobe will require casual walking clothes as well as smart-casual evening clothes.
the father has worn black evening clothes the mother sleeping through