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e·ven 1

a. Having a horizontal surface; flat: an even floor.
b. Having no irregularities, roughness, or indentations; smooth. See Synonyms at level.
c. Being in the same plane or line; parallel: The picture is even with the window.
a. Having no variations or fluctuations; uniform: the even rhythm of his breathing.
b. Of uniform distribution: an even application of varnish.
c. Placid; calm: an even temperament.
a. Equal or identical in degree, extent, or amount: Use even amounts of butter and sugar.
b. Equally matched or balanced: an even fight.
c. Just; fair: an even bargain.
d. Having nothing due on either side; square: If we each take half, then we'll be even.
e. Having exacted full revenge: He finally got even with his betrayer.
4. Having equal probability; as likely as not: an even chance of winning.
5. Sports
a. Having an equal score: The teams are even at halftime.
b. Being equal for each opponent. Used of a score.
6. Mathematics
a. Exactly divisible by 2.
b. Characterized or indicated by a number exactly divisible by 2.
a. Having an even number in a sequence.
b. Having an even number of members.
8. Having an exact amount, extent, or number; precise: an even pound; an even foot.
a. To a greater degree or extent. Used as an intensive with comparative adjectives and adverbs: This painting is good, but that one is even better.
b. Indeed; moreover. Used as an intensive: He was happy, even ecstatic. Even a child knows better.
c. Used as an intensive to indicate something that is unexpected: declined even to consider the idea.
2. At the same time as; already; just: Even as we watched, the turtle emerged from its shell.
3. To a degree that extends; fully: loyal even unto death.
4. Exactly; precisely: It was even as he said: the jewel was gone.
tr. & intr.v. e·vened, e·ven·ing, e·vens
To make or become even.
on an even keel
In a stable or unimpaired state: "There was good reason to keep relations with Washington on an even keel" (Helen Kitchen).

[Middle English, from Old English efen.]

e′ven·er n.
e′ven·ly adv.
e′ven·ness n.

e·ven 2

n. Archaic

[Middle English, from Old English ǣfen.]
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Adv.1.evenly - in equal amounts or shares; in a balanced or impartial way; "a class evenly divided between girls and boys"; "they split their winnings equally"; "deal equally with rich and poor"
unequally, unevenly - in an unequal or partial manner; "profits were distributed unevenly"; "angry at being dealt with so unequally"
2.evenly - in a level and regular way
unevenly - in an uneven and irregular way
بصورةٍ مُتَعادِلَه
eşit olarak


[ˈiːvənlɪ] ADV
1. (= uniformly) [breathe, flow] → con regularidad, regularmente; [mix] → uniformemente
the cake should rise evenlyel pastel debe subir de manera uniforme or todo por igual
distribute the sugar evenly over the fruitdistribuye el azúcar por igual sobre la fruta
the rise in unemployment was evenly spread across the countryel aumento del desempleo afectaba de forma regular a todo el país
space the curtain rings evenlycoloque los aros de las cortinas a la misma distancia unos de otros
2. (= equally) [distribute, share] → por igual (more frm) → equitativamente, parejo (LAm)
the wealth is evenly distributedla riqueza está dividida equitativamente or por igual
to divide/split sth evenlydividir algo a partes iguales
public opinion is fairly evenly dividedla opinión pública está dividida en partes bastante iguales
they are evenly matchedestán muy igualados
3. (= calmly) [say, reply, ask] → sin alterarse, serenamente; [look at] → serenamente


[ˈiːvənli] adv
[spread] → uniformément
(= equally) [divide, distribute] → équitablement
Divide the mixture evenly between the two tins
BUT Versez une quantité identique de pâte dans chaque moule.
to be evenly divided [opinion] → être divisé(e) en deux camps égaux
to be evenly matched [teams, contestants] → être de force égale
[space] → régulièrement
[breathe] → régulièrement


(= unvaryingly, equally)gleichmäßig; dividein gleiche Teile; the contestants were evenly matcheddie Gegner waren einander ebenbürtig; your weight should be evenly balanced (between your two feet)Sie sollten Ihr Gewicht gleichmäßig (auf beide Füße) verteilen; to be evenly divided between A and B (property) → zu gleichen Teilen zwischen A und B aufgeteilt sein; my time is evenly divided between work and leisure activitiesmeine Zeit ist zu gleichen Teilen in Arbeit und Freizeit aufgeteilt; public opinion seems to be evenly divideddie öffentliche Meinung scheint in zwei gleich große Lager gespalten zu sein
(= calmly) say, look atgelassen


[ˈiːvnlɪ] adv (distribute, space, spread) → uniformemente; (divide) → in parti uguali; (breathe) → in modo regolare


(iːvən) adjective
1. level; the same in height, amount etc. Are the table-legs even?; an even temperature.
2. smooth. Make the path more even.
3. regular. He has a strong, even pulse.
4. divisible by 2 with no remainder. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc are even numbers.
5. equal (in number, amount etc). The teams have scored one goal each and so they are even now.
6. (of temperament etc) calm. She has a very even temper.
verbpast tense, past participle ˈevened
1. to make equal. Smith's goal evened the score.
2. to make smooth or level.
ˈevenly adverb
ˈevenness noun
be/get even with
to be revenged on. He tricked me, but I'll get even with him.
an even chancechanceeven out
1. to become level or regular. The road rose steeply and then evened out; His pulse began to even out.
2. to make smooth. He raked the soil to even it out.
3. to make equal. If Jane would do some of Mary's typing, that would even the work out.
even up
to make equal. John did better in the maths exam than Jim and that evened up their marks.
References in classic literature ?
While the ear of the former has an external opening, that of the latter is entirely and evenly covered over with a membrane, so as to be quite imperceptible from without.
The chances for and against her winning the fight for her lost fortune are now so evenly balanced that I cannot for the life of me see on which side the scale inclines.
The captain made us trim the boat, and we got her to lie a little more evenly.
Then the genius began to change himself into smoke, which, as before, spread over the sea and the shore, and which, then collecting itself together, began to go back into the vase slowly and evenly till there was nothing left outside.
It is a balsam," answered Don Quixote, "the receipt of which I have in my memory, with which one need have no fear of death, or dread dying of any wound; and so when I make it and give it to thee thou hast nothing to do when in some battle thou seest they have cut me in half through the middle of the body- as is wont to happen frequently,- but neatly and with great nicety, ere the blood congeal, to place that portion of the body which shall have fallen to the ground upon the other half which remains in the saddle, taking care to fit it on evenly and exactly.
It will be obvious, to every child in Spaceland who has touched the threshold of Geometrical Studies, that, if I can bring my eye so that its glance may bisect an angle (A) of the approaching stranger, my view will lie as it were evenly between his two sides that are next to me (viz.
What took place during this interval is a secret from the world of men; but when it was over the voice of Esther spoke evenly and without interruption for perhaps half a minute, and as soon as that ceased heavy and uncertain footfalls crossed the parlour and mounted lurching up the stairs.
From his exalted position Passepartout observed with much curiosity the wide streets, the low, evenly ranged houses, the Anglo-Saxon Gothic churches, the great docks, the palatial wooden and brick warehouses, the numerous conveyances, omnibuses, horse-cars, and upon the side-walks, not only Americans and Europeans, but Chinese and Indians.
I went up to this club and cut off about six feet of it; I then gave this piece to the men and told them to fine it evenly off at one end, which they proceeded to do, and lastly I brought it to a point myself, charring the end in the fire to make it harder.
But even so the Trojans could not rout the Achaeans, who still held on; and as some honest hard-working woman weighs wool in her balance and sees that the scales be true, for she would gain some pitiful earnings for her little ones, even so was the fight balanced evenly between them till the time came when Jove gave the greater glory to Hector son of Priam, who was first to spring towards the wall of the Achaeans.
He ran cleanly, evenly, and springily; the tailless leader not five yards behind him; and the Pack tailing out over perhaps a quarter of a mile of ground, crazy and blind with the rage of slaughter.
Well, it's not going to be that way for long," he announced evenly.