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She found herself taking pride in Rebecca's improved appearance, her rounder throat and cheeks, and her better color; she was wont to mention the length of Rebecca's hair and add a word as to its remarkable evenness and lustre, at times when Mrs.
The perpetual commendations of the lady, either on his handwriting, or on the evenness of his lines, or on the length of his letter, with the perfect unconcern with which her praises were received, formed a curious dialogue, and was exactly in union with her opinion of each.
Never; you have yourself always admired me for my evenness of temper.
There was an evenness about the strange voice that she understood better than its words.
Celia was not impulsive: what she had to say could wait, and came from her always with the same quiet staccato evenness.
He ran his fingers inside Michael's mouth and noted the strength and evenness of the teeth, measured the breadth of shoulders and depth of chest, and picked up a foot.
Here was a dramatic soprano whose vocal coloring sounded uncannily like that of Leontyne Price, with a rich warmth and evenness of tone, but who could rely upon an exciting Leonie Rysanek-like top register to kick in when required.
In this 12-week study, the company's goal was to compare clinical significance including wrinkle reduction, evenness of skin tone, elasticity, firmness, moisturization and external changes.
We evaluated diversity and evenness at the genus level for all pairs of sites using the complement to Simpson's diversity index and Pielou's measure of evenness.
No significant differences were observed in abundance, richness, evenness, or diversity of amphibians and reptiles found among these three treatments (P>0.
Also, species diversity and evenness were significantly greater in the cove site.
In a way, the evenness of the leading contenders has provided the entertainment.