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1. Appropriate for ordinary days or routine occasions: a suit for everyday wear.
2. Commonplace; ordinary: everyday worries.
The ordinary or routine day or occasion: "It was not an isolated, violent episode. It had become part of the everyday" (Sherry Turkle).

eve′ry·day′ness n.


the quality of being everyday; ordinariness, commonness
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Noun1.everydayness - ordinariness as a consequence of being frequent and commonplace
ordinariness, mundaneness, mundanity - the quality of being commonplace and ordinary
prosaicness, prosiness - commonplaceness as a consequence of being humdrum and not exciting
usualness - commonness by virtue of not being unusual
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And in order to empathise, we need to learn about Iraq's everydayness, as well as its grief.
The exotic visions in the poem invoke a heightened awareness of, rather than a failure in, negotiating with an otherness that persistently unsettles the quotidian world, whose everydayness may in turn give rise to the exotic.
According to Dreyfus (1994), Heidegger proposes a hermeneutics of everydayness that involves the understanding of everyday practices and discourse, but in a deep sense, since the fundamental aspects of our existence hide their structure behind common sense.
One who has ears to hear will notice the rustling of angels' wings, sense the vague homesickness puncturing the everydayness of lire often enough to remind us we are exiles from Eden.
Meals are significant for the mechanisms by which they bring people together and through which, in their everydayness, they destabilize everyday life; at the same time, for Woolf, they can be sites of anxiety over the position and reality of the self.
But it may be that, within a week or two, once you get into the everydayness of it, it becomes manageable.
The siege of death has given a new shine to everydayness.
Extending poetic sensibility to the realm of the everydayness of modern life, Baudelaire imagines the possibility that simply perceiving an unnatural color could become an aesthetic experience producing "une douleur delicieuse" (OC 2: 425).
The interior is a symphony of practicality and everydayness.
Clemencia was able to show in her work, OPI i e Gran Kamuflahe [OPI and the Great Camouflage], that Juliana was in fact a skilled writer who cleverly portrayed the hypocrisy in the political mandates of the time and gave strength to the voice of Antillean relationships between men and women, adults and children, and the everydayness of Papiamentu speakers (Broek 225).
In the everydayness of their (objects') use, gestures are reconstructed, usages adapted, reinvented and appropriated by sensibilities refined in repeated acts of known activities.