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 (ĕv′rē-wâr′, -hwâr′)
In any or every place; in all places. See Usage Note at everyplace.


to or in all parts or places


(ˈɛv riˌʰwɛər, -ˌwɛər)

in every place or part; in all places.
usage: See anyplace.


Everywhere is an adverb. If you say that something happens or exists everywhere, you mean that it happens or exists in all parts of a place or area.

Tap water is drinkable everywhere in the Algarve.
People everywhere are becoming aware of the problem.

You do not usually use a preposition in front of everywhere. You do not say, for example, 'He has been to everywhere'. You say 'He has been everywhere'.

However, you can use 'from' with everywhere.

They heard from everywhere the lovely clear voices of women singing.
...a strange light that seemed to come from everywhere at once.

In informal American English, everyplace and every place are often used instead of 'everywhere'.

He seems to be everyplace and have an opinion about everything.
Almost every place we go we find some type of weapons.
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Adv.1.everywhere - to or in any or all placeseverywhere - to or in any or all places; "You find fast food stores everywhere"; "people everywhere are becoming aware of the problem"; "he carried a gun everywhere he went"; "looked all over for a suitable gift"; (`everyplace' is used informally for `everywhere')
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech


1. all over, all around, the world over, high and low, in each place, in every nook and cranny, far and wide or near, to or in every place I looked everywhere but I couldn't find him.
2. all around, all over, in each place, in every nook and cranny, ubiquitously, far and wide or near, to or in every place There were clothes scattered around everywhere.
hvarvetna, alls staîar
her yerher yerdeher yere
mọi nơi


[ˈevrɪwɛəʳ] ADV [go] → a todas partes; [be] → en todas partes
I looked everywherebusqué en todas partes
everywhere in Spainen todas partes de España
everywhere you go you'll find the sameen todas partes encontrarás lo mismo


[ˈɛvrihwɛər] advpartout
I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find it → J'ai regardé partout, mais je n'ai pas pu le trouver.
There were policemen everywhere → Il y avait des policiers partout.
There's rubbish everywhere → Il y a des ordures partout.
Everywhere I went, people were suspicious → Partout où j'allais, les gens étaient méfiants.
Everywhere is already shut
BUT Tout est déjà fermé.
Everywhere in Beverley Hills is expensive
BUT Tout Beverley Hills est cher.
everywhere you go → où qu'on aille
everywhere in France → partout en France
Tourists come here from everywhere in the world → Les touristes viennent des quatre coins du monde.


advüberall; (with direction) → überallhin; from everywhereüberallher, von überall; everywhere you look there’s a mistakewo man auch hinsieht, findet man Fehler


[ˈɛvrɪˌwɛəʳ] advdappertutto, in ogni luogo; (wherever) → ovunque
everywhere you go you meet ... → ovunque tu vada trovi...


(ˈevri) adjective
1. each one of or all (of a certain number). Every room is painted white; Not every family has a car.
2. each (of an indefinite number or series). Every hour brought the two countries nearer war; He attends to her every need.
3. the most absolute or complete possible. We have every reason to believe that she will get better.
4. used to show repetition after certain intervals of time or space. I go to the supermarket every four or five days; Every second house in the row was bright pink; `Every other day' means èvery two days' or `on alternate days'.
ˈeverybody, ˈeveryone pronoun
every person. Everyone thinks I'm right.
ˈeveryday adjective
1. happening, done used etc daily. her everyday duties.
2. common or usual. an everyday event.
ˈeverything pronoun
all things. Have you everything you want?
ˈeverywhere adverb
(in or to) every place. The flies are everywhere; Everywhere I go, he follows me.
every bit as
just as. You're every bit as clever as he is.
every now and then / every now and again / every so often
occasionally. We get a letter from him every now and then.
every time
1. always; invariably. We use this method every time.
2. whenever. Every time he comes, we quarrel.

everybody, ~everyone are singular: Everybody is (not are) tired / Everyone should buy his own ticket .
see also their.


في كُلِّ مَكَان všude overalt überall παντού en todas partes kaikkialla partout svuda dappertutto どこでも 어디에나 overal overalt wszędzie em toda a parte, em todo lugar везде överallt ทุกที่ her yer mọi nơi 到处
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As me and my companions were scrambling up a hill, The path was lost in rolling stones, but we went forward still; For we can wriggle and climb, my lads, and turn up everywhere, Oh, it's our delight on a mountain height, with a leg or two to spare!
Everywhere preparations were made not for ceremonious welcomes (which he knew Pierre would not like), but for just such gratefully religious ones, with offerings of icons and the bread and salt of hospitality, as, according to his understanding of his master, would touch and delude him.
The members of the favored unions were branded as traitors, and in saloons and brothels, on the streets and at work, and, in fact, everywhere, they were assaulted by the comrades they had so treacherously deserted.
Everywhere shopkeepers had left their shops, men their work, and women and children their homes, to come out and see the marvel.
A FIR-TREE said boastingly to the Bramble, "You are useful for nothing at all; while I am everywhere used for roofs and houses.
Everywhere in the world the devotees of each local faith abhor the devotees of every other, and abstain from murder only so long as they dare not commit it.
If he sends reinforcements everywhere, he will everywhere be weak.
The instability, injustice, and confusion introduced into the public councils, have, in truth, been the mortal diseases under which popular governments have everywhere perished; as they continue to be the favorite and fruitful topics from which the adversaries to liberty derive their most specious declamations.
Congratulations were poured in upon the princess everywhere during her journey.
Everywhere you go, in any direction, you find either a hard, smooth, level thoroughfare, just sprinkled with black lava sand, and bordered with little gutters neatly paved with small smooth pebbles, or compactly paved ones like Broadway.
The little lith e man, with his bright, restless eyes, and his long iron-gray hair falling in curls to his shoulders, his airy step and his cordial manner; his uncertain age, his innumerable accomplishments, and his unbounded popularity--is he not familiar everywhere, and welcome everywhere?
Anna went out into society, as she had always done, was particularly often at Princess Betsy's, and met Vronsky everywhere.