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archaic an exclamation of Bacchic frenzy
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Croneborg came out of the water six minutes behind two-time winner Dylan McNeice and Patrick Evoe.
After all, few paying customers would see any lineage between a Volvo S80 and a Range Rover EvoE que, but it's there in the DNA of their fundamental metalwork.
As well as supporting Franthe Heartstrings, Cohesion also supported Drenge on thetour, played this year's EvoE Emerging and will be playing aFestival on August 10 and BeFestival on August 30.
Este impulso podria remontarse a los ochenta, cuando surge una danza contestataria en las calles, la cual sigue siendo muy formal, y que ahora esta dando pequenos nietos; o bien, gracias a propuestas como la de Benito Gonzalez y Evoe Sotelo (Quiatora Monorriel), que han generado una aceptacion de otro tipo de danza en diez anos de trabajo.
Pero como la danza siempre fue su demonio interior, trabajo ferozmente para integrarse a colaborar con creadores de la talla de Duane Cochran, director del grupo Aksenti; Jose Rivera, director de La Cebra Danza Gay; Benito Gonzalez y Evoe Sotelo, directores de Quiatora Monorriel, entre otros.
Estelle Morris, new Minister for the Arts, smiles as she poses for pictures in front of the painting by Bridget Riley, Evoe 3 during a visit to the Tate Britain gallery in London
Evoe brought in younger writers and artists, allowed a vein of fantasy, even surrealism, to flourish, and encouraged a political radicalism that would have horrified Seaman.
The critic's early years are taken up much more with literature than with art; he writes poetry (bad/funny), and the letters themselves are rife with goofy poeticism: "Yours was a brilliant letter: nude eel, sworded spoon, evoe, evoe.
The portrait is variable, glimpsed this spring in explosive facets: Darren Gibson's unforgettable danced scream in the familiar Evoe (1991); Miller's apparently boneless gum-chewing queen of the floozies in the new Jukebox, the adhesive vertigo of sock-clad dancers in Shuffle (1997), a minimalist fantasy of fitness; Rachel Alvarado's debut in The Jig Is Up (1984) as a passionate hoyden.
Evoe was `in the chair', seconded by one of the proprietors, Philip or Alan Agnew after February 1938.
The decision to go it alone has paid off for the trio as since the release of their forthcoming EP's lead track they have been making waves locally and have been selected to play at this year's EVOE -lution Emerging Festival.
Como sea, Alicia Sanchez y Compania; Antares de Miguel Mancillas; Apoc, Apoc de Jaime Camarena; Barro Rojo de Laura Rocha; Contempodanza de Cecilia Lugo; Contradanza de Cecilia Appleton; Delfos Danza Con temporanea de Claudia Lavista y Manuel Ruiz; Foramen Magnum de Marcos Rossi; La Cebra Danza Gay, de Jose Rivera; La Manga de Gabriela Medina; Lux Boreal de Henry Torres y Angel Arambula; Quiatora Monorriel de Benito Gonzalez y Evoe Sotelo; Teoria de Gravedad de Aurora Buensuces, entre otros, buscaron desde plazas publicas, auditorios delegacionales e incluso trolebuses para llevar a cabo sus funciones.