ex libris

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ex li·bris

 (ĕks lī′brĭs, lē′-)
n. pl. ex libris

[From Latin ex librīs, from the books : ex, from + librīs, ablative pl. of liber, book.]

ex libris

(ɛks ˈliːbrɪs)
(Library Science & Bibliography) from the collection or library of: frequently printed on bookplates
(Heraldry) a bookplate bearing the owner's name, coat of arms, etc
[C19: from Latin, literally: from the books (of)]

ex li•bris

(ɛks ˈli brɪs, ˈlaɪ-)

adv., n., pl. -bris. adv.
1. from the library of (a phrase inscribed in or on a book before the name of the owner).
[1875–80; < Latin: from the books (of)]

ex libris

A Latin phrase meaning from the library of, used to mean a bookplate.
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Noun1.ex libris - a label identifying the owner of a book in which it is pastedex libris - a label identifying the owner of a book in which it is pasted
gummed label, paster, sticker - an adhesive label
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