ex nihilo

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ex ni·hi·lo

 (ĕks nē′ə-lō′, nī′-, nĭ′-)
adv. & adj.
Out of nothing.

[Latin ex nihilō : ex, out of + nihilō, ablative of nihil, nothing.]

ex nihilo

formal out of nothing

ex ni•hi•lo

(ɛks ˈnaɪ hɪˌloʊ, ˈni-)
adv., adj.
out of or from nothing: belief in creation ex nihilo.
[1650–60; < Latin]

ex nihilo

[ˌeksˈnɪhɪləʊ] ADVex nihilo
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Another example is whether the transition from the variety of biblical theologies of creation to the doctrinal formulation of creatio ex nihilo is a legitimate development.
7) Justin's younger contemporary Theophilus of Antioch moved closer to an affirmation of creatio ex nihilo.
By accepting the existence of a "precosmic world," which is not "a world absent of matter," in the Genesis story, Walton appears to have given up the traditional Biblical doctrine of creatio ex nihilo.
Meme l'opposition, qui a ete creee ex nihilo pour le chasser du pouvoir en quelques semaines, comme Ben Ali en Tunisie ou Hosni Moubarak en Egypte, ne pose plus aujourd'hui son depart comme condition du dialogue.
Voici donc un roman de l'hesitation, un roman a la limite du fantastique avec un personnage singulier, [beaucoup moins que]Le Neant[beaucoup plus grand que], decrit sous une facette anthropomorphique, certes, mais qui peut ressurgir ex nihilo a n'importe quel moment et, dont, seuls les yeux sont perceptibles.
one of creation, provided we do not restrict our understanding of the term to the traditional, but postbiblical, doctrine of creatio ex nihilo.
His was not the fate of Vermeer or the Le Nain brothers, whose works were lost to posterity between the late 17th and the 19th century and had to be rediscovered almost ex nihilo.
He's spent billions of tax money attempting to create, by fiat and ex nihilo, a new green economy.
But trying to justify it from an external perspective is quixotic, since this would amount to trying to justify it ex nihilo.
The Dash team have built one of The Street's most talked-about brands ex nihilo in a remarkably short period.
Dingle is the president and CEO of Ex Nihilo Management, LLC, a management and business consulting firm that specializes in strategic assessments and Information Technology management.
As we will see, the task of coordinating the doctrine of creatio ex nihilo with the then rediscovered Aristotelian legacy posed itself in the period of scholasticism as a cardinal problem for the medieval "school philosophy" (Grant 1996:117-119); the question of how Augustine coped with the doctrine of creation in his specifically symbolic approach to nature is best answered in combination with a short review of what had become of the principal causa efficiens in Christianity in the first place.