ex nihilo

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ex ni·hi·lo

 (ĕks nē′ə-lō′, nī′-, nĭ′-)
adv. & adj.
Out of nothing.

[Latin ex nihilō : ex, out of + nihilō, ablative of nihil, nothing.]

ex nihilo

formal out of nothing

ex ni•hi•lo

(ɛks ˈnaɪ hɪˌloʊ, ˈni-)
adv., adj.
out of or from nothing: belief in creation ex nihilo.
[1650–60; < Latin]

ex nihilo

[ˌeksˈnɪhɪləʊ] ADVex nihilo
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Que el mundo tenga ser despues de no ser se desprende para Buenaventura de la creatio ex nihilo misma: "quod autem habeat esse post non esse [premisa menor] probatur sic: omne illud quod totaliter habet esse ab aliquo [es creado por otro], producitur ab i lio ex nihilo".
By the end of this almost ninety-page essay, Madden has enacted and participated in a thorough and playful critique of so-called ex nihilo creativity.
Mais en prenant sur elle de dire que [beaucoup moins que]les perspectives de croissance pour l'economie tunisienne se presentent mieux en 2017 qu'en 2016Aa avec un redemarrage dans un certain nombre de secteurs dont celui des phosphates[beaucoup plus grand que], d'ordinaire, elle ne s'autoriserait pas a s'exprimer ex nihilo, pour autant qu'elle concede la difficulte des reformes qu'il y a strictement lieu d'engager.
Palestinian Arabs have threatened to sue the British for issuing the Balfour Declaration, but Israel was not a creation ex nihilo.
Objective: In contemporary warfare the power to destroy cities exists alongside with the power to built urban places ex nihilo.
Kuijer leaves open multiple explanations for God's creation ex nihilo, including the possibility that it is all Adam's means to explain what he cannot know.
She shows how blaxploitation protagonists did not appear ex nihilo or reflect Black Power movements, but were filmic heirs to much earlier imagery: the black soldiers of government-sponsored and Hollywood propaganda films produced during World War II and through to the end of the Vietnam War.
For the creative forces we field-no matter how powerful-did not come from our minds ex nihilo, but are gifts from the people who have enriched our lives, beginning with our childhood.
On ecrit rarement ex nihilo, sans s'inspirer des lieux dont on a hume les odeurs, cotoye les personnes et dont les legendes ont nourri notre imaginaire.
Especially noteworthy is Schmid's depiction of efficient causality as an action and the role it plays in allowing for the metaphysical possibility of God's creation ex nihilo.
Another example is whether the transition from the variety of biblical theologies of creation to the doctrinal formulation of creatio ex nihilo is a legitimate development.
Goeritz's commitment to experimentation was yoked to a transhistorical ambition: The sculptures seem to occupy space ex nihilo with the aim of persisting forever.