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Noun1.ex-mayor - a former mayor
city manager, mayor - the head of a city government
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Through the whole of one winter the ex-mayor got into the way of explaining to our citizens that a good road for wheeled traffic would be a source of wealth to the whole country round, for it would enable every one to do a trade with Grenoble; he held forth on this head at the tavern while drinking with his intimates.
When the ex-mayor had acquired a few business notions, he felt the necessity of learning to read and write.
On Monday, the two men were the first to the aid of Candy Atherton - a former MP and ex-mayor of Islington, North London - whose wheelchair got stuck after she had just finished addressing the hall in Brighton.
Participants of the rally held on December 7 in Osh in support of ex-mayor and leader of Uluttar Birimdigi party Melis Myrzakmatov adopted the resolution containing several demands.
Unlike Labour's ex-mayor Ken Livingstone, Mr Johnson insisted on being head of the body which oversees policing.
Trevor Davies, of Ruthin, says they include the mayor Chris Jenkins, town councillor Lewis Jones, mayoress Carol Jenkins, Elizabeth Jones, Glyn Smart, Reverend Smart, warden of Ruthin, Mrs Ken Jones, Glyndw r Coun Bill Sullivan, ex-Ruthin mayor Selwyn Williams, first town mayor of Ruthin Norman Lewis, ex-mayoress Ethel Field, ex-mayor Trevor Field, last mayor of Ruthin borough, ex-mayor David Jones, Clwyd Coun Coun Margaret Roberts, former mayor of Ruthin borough, former mayor Ross Thomas, Maelor Roberts, ex-mayor Glyn Davies, ex-borough Coun Harry Ogden, ex-mayoress Arwena Davies, Borthyn School headmaster J Rhydwen Jones and Ruthin Town Council clerk Ken 'Sandy' Jones
EX-MAYOR of New York Rudy Giuliani introduced a revolutionary law and order programme called zero tolerance.
LOOKING THE PART: Ex-mayor Cyril Bennis is ready for another day's training
Ex-mayor Richard Riordan appointed Bernard Parks as chief in an effort to curb abuses by the Los Angeles Police Department.
During the rally today, supporters of ex-mayor of Osh stated that Melis Myrzakmatov was allegedly detained by law enforcement officials.
Mr Singh, an ex-Mayor of Ealing, is one of five Labour councillors to join the Tories.
AN ex-mayor who invited his female town clerk on a foreign holiday was ordered to pay her a total of pounds 33,697 in compensation by an employment tribunal yesterday.