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Noun1.ex-mayor - a former mayor
city manager, mayor - the head of a city government
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Through the whole of one winter the ex-mayor got into the way of explaining to our citizens that a good road for wheeled traffic would be a source of wealth to the whole country round, for it would enable every one to do a trade with Grenoble; he held forth on this head at the tavern while drinking with his intimates.
When the ex-mayor had acquired a few business notions, he felt the necessity of learning to read and write.
President Kurmanbek Bakiev today named ex-Mayor of Bishkek Daniyar Usenov as the Board Chair of Kyrgyzstan\'s Development Fund, reported president\'s press office.
Ex-mayor of Wolverhampton Richard Whitehouse, 49, who has a bad heart, says he was punched on the hip as he slept on the coronary care ward.
He must be smiling about the naming announcement ceremony that brought together two hot rivals: his friend, ex-mayor David Dinkins, and present mayor Rudy Giuliani.
But Tory ex-mayor Mr Geldart, who has claimed the law is soft on criminals, declared: "I am not doing it for the money.
THE spurned lover of an ex-mayor took evil-smelling revenge on him for dumping her.
Mr Marsh, an ex-mayor, said: "I have apologised to the girl's mother.
But some former ministers and akims who embezzled more than $8 billion of public funds are still hiding abroad," Kozhamzharov said in a conference naming former BTA Bank chairman Mukhtar Ablyazov and ex-mayor of Almaty city Viktor Khapunov both accused by Kazakhstan of embezzlement and corruption.
One of those officials Taylor said had the courage to take on this project, ex-Mayor Peter Blandino, was in the audience at a ribbon-cutting ceremony last week celebrating the completion of upgrades at the Murray Street site.
retd) Akbar Hussain Durrani, ex-mayor Quetta, Abdul Raheem Kakar, civil society representatives- Amjad Rasheed and Agha Jan Hamdard.
In a statement on Wednesday, the Office of the Ombudsman found probable cause to charge ex-Mayor Wilfredo Siasico for violation of Section 3(e) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act or Republic Act 3019 over the allegedly illegal acquisition of a brand new bulldozer worth P15,892,500 in 2008.