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n.1.An offering to a church in fulfillment of a vow.
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Several of the objects on display originally belonged to monks or nuns, who inevitably lived in communal institutions, and there is also a good selection of painted ex-votos, left by grateful individuals at shrines.
Once I'd acclimated myself by way of these less directly visceral works, I found myself able to confront the grosser three-dimensional manifestations of Hawkins's chosen defilements with more equanimity, and realized that these icons or ex-votos of cruelty had a power commensurate with their crudity.
Sherer tambem e artista, e trabalha com elementos tragicos, em uma cenografia que inclui altares de ex-votos e imagens fotograficas onde a relacao presenca / ausencia, o negativo, as sombras e o fracasso estao sempre presentes.
Desanctified crucifixes, reliquaries, retables and ex-votos, iconically displayed as precious commodities, provided further evidence, if such was needed, of the relentless commodification of cultural objects that events like Frieze serve up to an insatiable market.
O primeiro capitulo da parte pratica revela como, do espanto provocado pela riqueza da documentacao da Mesa da Consciencia e Ordens entre 1808 e 1828 - documentacao que, podemos supor, poderia se prestar a objeto de uma historia- narracao -, Guilherme Pereira das Neves chegou a uma historia-problema, despertado pelo exemplo dos ex-votos com que se deparou, por acaso, no Museu da Arquidiocese de Olinda.
No segundo, Lilian Alves Gomes analisa os ex-votos armazenados em uma Sala de Milagres no interior de Minas Gerais.
devotion are the ex-votos brought to Our Lady of Chiquinquira, the
He is editor of the social science journal Italian American Review; Italian Folk: Vernacular Culture in Italian-American Lives (2011); Sacred Emblems, Community Signs: Historic Flags and Religious Banners from Italian Williamsburg, Brooklyn (2003); co-editor of Graces Received: Painted and Metal Ex-votos from Italy (2012); poet Vincenzo Ancona's Malidittu la lingua/Damned Language (1990; 2010), and Mediated Ethnicity: New Italian-American Cinema (2010); and author of R.
Although the book seems to have been written with an undergraduate audience in mind (which would explain the rather rudimentary definitions of hagiography, relics, ex-votos, and the like), even more advanced scholars will find something to appreciate in Saints Alive.
Ex-Votos are small paintings, usually done on tin, that are an expression of an individual's gratitude for the intercession of the divine in a crisis.
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