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A method of betting, as on a horserace, in which the bettor must correctly pick those finishing in the first and second places in precisely that sequence. Also called perfecta.

[From American Spanish quiniela exacta, exact quiniela (a game of chance), from Spanish exacta, feminine of exacto, from Latin exāctus; see exact.]


(ɪkˈsæktə; ɪɡˈzæktə)
(Gambling, except Cards) gambling a horse-racing bet in which the first and second horses are predicted in order


(ɪgˈzæk tə)

n., pl. -act•as.
a type of bet, esp. on horse races, in which the bettor must select the first- and second-place finishers in exact order.
[1960–65; ellipsis of American Spanish quiniela exacta exact quinella]
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Noun1.exacta - a bet that you can pick the first and second finishers in the right order
wager, bet - the act of gambling; "he did it on a bet"
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But Meterologists Exacta Weather yesterday said people shouldn't give up hope just yet.
The results of a survey conducted by Sofia-based think-tank Institute of Modern Politics (IMP) from July 20 to July 25 are broadly in line with the findings of a similar poll conducted by Exacta Research between July 10 and July 15, which gave GERB 26% of the vote versus 15% for the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).
He arrives at the Exacta Stadium having played 74 times in three seasons for Hereford.
Software firm will demo latest version of Exacta, its supply chain execution software, as well as the company's automation capabilities
LIVERPOOL have confirmed they will be sending a mixture of reserve and academy players to Chester for a pre-season friendly at the Exacta Stadium next Wednesday, writes Neil Turner.
chubby84 No value in exacta Am I the only punter who has noticed how frequently the exacta pays less than the CSF?
Or you can try a 'reverse' exacta to increase your chances (e.
Call it a niche, but from where Exacta sits, it's a pretty big niche.
INGLEWOOD - Thirty years later, Ted Sobel hasn't thrown away the ticket, a pale-green slip of paper with faded black type recording a $5 exacta bet on horses number 4 and 5 in the seventh race at Hollywood Park on July 23, 1973.
The Exacta product line is featured in this 11-minute video.
A total of 26% of Bulgarians would vote for the opposition center-right GERB party if elections took place today, the latest poll of Exacta Research shows.
CHESTER have pulled off another coup by attracting Premier League Aston Villa to the Exacta Stadium on Saturday 28th July.