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His foibles - faults if you like - will never be dwelt upon in any memorandum of mine," he declares, and goes on - "he whose splendid and matchless achievements will be remembered with admiration while there is gratitude in the hearts of Britons, or while a ship floats upon the ocean; he whose example on the breaking out of the war gave so chivalrous an impulse to the younger men of the service that all rushed into rivalry of daring which disdained every warning of prudence, and led to acts of heroic enterprise which tended greatly to exalt the glory of our nation.
It was the lot of Lord Nelson to exalt all this glory.
Those sentiments exalt me above all merely personal considerations.
He spoke loudly, and the sound of his own voice, though it was carried from him on the sweeping wind as fast as the words were spoken, seemed to exalt him still more.
Peugeot, a France-based automaker, is launching an updated version of the Exalt concept vehicle at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.
Powered by a HYbrid4 diesel powertrain with a total of 340bhp, the EXALT features styling and materials that are similar to those used on the ONYX supercar concept a couple of years ago.
Likewise, the people of Prophet 'Eesa excelled at medicine, so the Prophet 'Eesa, may Allh exalt his mention, cured the blind and the leper, and gave life to the dead by the permission of Allh, The Almighty.
Jenne is one of the many technology companies with whom eXalt has worked with to implement innovative solution sales portals.
BB:XOHO) has entered into a teaming agreement with Exalt Communications Inc, a manufacturer of next generation microwave backhaul systems, to jointly pursue business opportunities with telecommunications service providers and wireless carriers.
Because EMEA represents the largest share of the worldwide microwave backhaul market, our expansion across key markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa is a critical element of our business strategy," said Amir Zoufonoun, president and CEO of Exalt Communications.
Exalt Communications es una empresa dedicada a ofrecer soluciones de conexion inalambrica punto a punto por medio de tecnologia de microondas, con lo cual asegura la disponibilidad del ancho de banda y la baja latencia, caracteristicas que convierten a las soluciones basadas en dispositivos del fabricante en las mas usadas en servicios de alta disponibilidad.
We also know that WX - like New York City itself - is different from any other women's trade organization around the country, and we need to celebrate and exalt that difference.