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ex·alt·ed  (g-zôltd)
1. Elevated in rank, character, or status.
2. Lofty; sublime; noble: an exalted dedication to liberty.
3. Exaggerated; inflated: He has an exalted sense of his importance to the project.

ex·alted·ly adv.
ex·alted·ness n.

ex•alt•ed (ɪgˈzɔl tɪd)

1. raised or elevated, as in rank or character; of high station: an exalted personage.
2. noble or elevated; lofty: an exalted style of writing.
3. rapturously excited.
ex•alt′ed•ly, adv.
ex•alt′ed•ness, n.
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Adj.1.exalted - of high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style; "an exalted ideal"; "argue in terms of high-flown ideals"- Oliver Franks; "a noble and lofty concept"; "a grand purpose"
noble - having or showing or indicative of high or elevated character; "a noble spirit"; "noble deeds"

1. high-ranking, high, grand, honoured, intellectual, noble, prestigious, august, elevated, eminent, dignified, lofty I seldom move in such exalted circles.
2. noble, ideal, superior, elevated, intellectual, uplifting, sublime, lofty, high-minded I don't think of poetry as an exalted calling, as some poets do.
3. elated, excited, inspired, stimulated, elevated, animated, uplifted, transported, exhilarated, ecstatic, jubilant, joyous, joyful, over the moon (informal), blissful, rapturous, exultant, in high spirits, on cloud nine (informal), cock-a-hoop, in seventh heaven, inspirited She had the look of someone exalted by an excess of joy.
exalted [ɪgˈzɔːltɪd] ADJ (= high) [position] → elevado; [person] → eminente; (= elated) → excitado

exalted [ɪgˈzɔːltɪd] adj
(= high) [rank] → élevé(e)
[person] → haut placé(e)
(= elated) → exalté(e)

position, stylehoch; at or on a less exalted levelauf nicht ganz so gehobener Ebene; the exalted ranks of …die erhabenen Ränge der …; to be in exalted companysich in gehobener Gesellschaft befinden; she moves only in the most exalted circlessie bewegt sich nur in den besten Kreisen
mood, personexaltiert, überschwänglich

exalted [ɪgˈzɔːltɪd] adj (frm) (high, rank, position, person) → elevato/a; (elated) → esaltato/a

exalted (igˈzoːltid) adjective
high in rank, position etc; noble; important.

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You shall be taken before his great and glorious Majesty King Kik-a-bray, who will greet you as becomes your exalted stations.
The majority of the younger men envied him for just what was the most irksome factor in his love--the exalted position of Karenin, and the consequent publicity of their connection in society.
But being upheld by powers, to which the human mind cannot reach, I shall speak no more of them, because, being exalted and maintained by God, it would be the act of a presumptuous and rash man to discuss them.
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