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 (ĕg′zăn-thē′mə) also ex·an·them (ĭg-zăn′thəm)
n. pl. ex·an·them·a·ta (-thĕm′ə-tə) or ex·an·the·mas also ex·an·thems
1. A skin eruption accompanying certain infectious diseases.
2. A disease, such as measles or scarlet fever, accompanied by a skin eruption.

[Late Latin exanthēma, from Greek, eruption, from exanthein, to burst forth : ex-, ex- + anthein, to blossom (from anthos, flower).]

ex·an′the·mat′ic (ĭg-zăn′thə-măt′ĭk), ex′an·them′a·tous (ĕg′zăn-thĕm′ə-təs) adj.


(ɛgˈzæn θəm, ɪg-, ɛkˈsæn-)

an eruptive disease, esp. one attended with fever, as smallpox or measles.
[1650–60; < Late Latin exanthēma < Greek exánthēma skin eruption, literally, flowering]
ex•an`the•mat′ic, ex`an•them′a•tous (-ˈθɛm ə təs) adj.
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Noun1.exanthem - eruption on the skin occurring as a symptom of a disease
eruption - symptom consisting of a breaking out and becoming visible


n. exantema, erupción cutánea secundaria a un síntoma de un virus o enfermedad cócica, por ejemplo, la escarlatina o el sarampión;
epidemic ______ epidémico;
___ subitum___ súbito;
keratoid ______ queratoideo.
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This exanthem develops rapidly, often beginning on the chest, trunk, or scalp and then spreading to the arms and legs (centrifugally) (FIGURE 1).
Suspected cases were identified among persons having [greater than or equal to] 1 admission diagnosis of "Zika," dengue, chikungunya, viral exanthem, acute fever, or "rash.
The main cutaneous toxicities of amiodarone include a drug exanthem, photosensitivity and hyperpigmentation.
Scarlet fever is a syndrome characterised by exudative pharyngitis, fever and bright-red exanthem.
The exanthem of acute pulmonary coccidioidomycosis: Clinical and histopathologic features of 3 cases and review of the literature.
The contagious period starts 1-2 days before the appearance of the exanthem and lasts till all the vesicles have crusted, usually within 5-7 days7.
Mgone, "Measles: not just another viral exanthem," The Lancet, vol.
Types of Infection Infections (N = 159) N (%) Bacterial Infections 88 (55%) Herpes Family of Viruses 21 (13%) Fungal Infections 18 (11%) Viral Exanthem 13 (8%) Scabies 10 (6%) HPV Infections 3 (2%) Molluscum Contaglosum 3 (2%) Coxsackievirus 2 (1%) Cutaneous Larva Migrans 1 (1%) HPV: Human Papilloma Virus Table 3.
In children, the major difficulty in the diagnosis of DR is differentiation of maculopapular drug eruptions from viral exanthem which is observed very commonly in this age group.
Additional history of potential relevance is of a herpetiform exanthem involving the penis in 1987, which resolved with no further issue following antiviral treatment.
Two other women in the placebo group reported clysenteria and an exanthem at the trunk and upper extremities without the need of an emergency consultation.
Other diagnoses included orbital cellulitis, viral exanthem, acute hepatitis, young infant fever, and febrile convulsions.