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1. One that excites: an exciter of animosity.
2. An auxiliary generator used to provide field current for a larger generator or alternator.
3. Electronics An oscillator for generating the carrier frequency of a transmitter.


1. a person or thing that excites
2. (Electrical Engineering) a small generator that excites a larger machine
3. (General Physics) an oscillator producing a transmitter's carrier wave


(ɪkˈsaɪ tər)

1. one that excites.
2. an auxiliary generator that supplies energy for the excitation of another electric machine.
References in classic literature ?
All those fine first feelings, of which he had hoped to be the exciter, were already given.
While they lack the bandwidth potential of an electrodynamic exciter, development of dual-stage valves made it possible to achieve frequency response on the order of 500 Hz, which is acceptable for defining many environments.
com/prnh/20130307/600769 The Global Exciter Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global exciter industry.
In addition, the wireless, smoke detector-sized exciter can be mounted on the ceiling or, in some cases above it, giving the facility a cleaner, high-end look without wires or wire conduit around the doors.
Harris' first introduction for the exciter plug-in modules is an IP receiver to address growing broadcaster requirements for network efficiencies.
It processes and amplifies input control signals to a level and form appropriate for control of the exciter.
Because the DMA is much shallower than a moving coil exciter, valuable space is conserved.
Owens Corning is developing an optimized trim material that will allow the exciter to be mounted directly to a trim panel, with no need for a separate grille or acoustic radiator surface.
Playing tracks from the current Exciter album is fine, but I'd also have liked to hear some earlier hits.
PLAYING to a packed house as part of the band's Exciter world tour, Dave Gahan certainly got the crowd going with a performance of true showmanship.
I Feel Love, Walking In My Shoes and tracks from the latest Depeche offering Exciter ensured the lively atmosphere inside the arena was kept to a maximum.