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1. One that excites: an exciter of animosity.
2. An auxiliary generator used to provide field current for a larger generator or alternator.
3. Electronics An oscillator for generating the carrier frequency of a transmitter.


1. a person or thing that excites
2. (Electrical Engineering) a small generator that excites a larger machine
3. (General Physics) an oscillator producing a transmitter's carrier wave


(ɪkˈsaɪ tər)

1. one that excites.
2. an auxiliary generator that supplies energy for the excitation of another electric machine.
References in classic literature ?
All those fine first feelings, of which he had hoped to be the exciter, were already given.
Based on Metso's mill technology, this design gives the potential for a truly infinite life to the exciter mechanisms.
Harris Corporation says its Apex M2X software-defined broadcast exciter now supports the next-generation DVB-T2 digital terrestrial transmission standard.
The technology employs an exciter - a magnet and voice coil - placed on a membrane, which becomes the speaker.
The power amplifier assembly, which amplifies the exciter signal levels for transmission, has a volume of 2,000 [in.
Upgrades will include a new encoder/processor and the development of a digital-based exciter, both for the aircraft's ALQ-99E jammer.
However, the addition of a new exciter being developed by AIL Systems (Deer Park, NY) will also improve the aircraft's performance against future threats.