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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Excitor Carbon Brush qty : 10 Nos, 2) Collector Ring Bursh(bronze) Qty : 24 nos
Effects of contingency violations on the extinction of a conditioned fear inhibitor and a conditioned fear excitor.
Summary: help AG, a strategic information security consulting specialist in the Middle East, has announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Excitor, an enterprise mobility solutions provider.
help AG, a regional SI specialising in security solutions, has signed a deal with Excitor, a provider of enterprise mobility solutions.
An independent second excitor (C+) was also trained for the summation test.
Finnish telecomms solutions provider Nokia said on Thursday (26 August) that the Danish software company Excitor was introducing a Nokia Communicator based MobileCare solution for healthcare workers in the municipality of Borkop in Denmark.
This type generates a linear vibration in the same way as motor-driven excitor units.
The primary screen is powered by six excitor drives, all driven by a single motor through a common gear reducer.
The crayfish claw is moved by two muscles controlled by five efferent axons: one inhibitor and one excitor to the opener muscle, and one inhibitor and two excitors - a "fast" and a "slow" - to the closer muscle (van Harreveld and Wiersma, 1937; Wiens, 1976).
Good Technology Corporation, the leader in secure enterprise mobility, announced today that it has resolved its patent litigation against Excitor A/S, a Denmark-based company.