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tr.v. ex·cret·ed, ex·cret·ing, ex·cretes
To separate and discharge (waste matter) from the blood, tissues, or organs.

[Latin excernere, excrēt- : ex-, ex- + cernere, to separate; see krei- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.excreting - the bodily process of discharging waste matterexcreting - the bodily process of discharging waste matter
defecation, laxation, shitting - the elimination of fecal waste through the anus
expelling, discharge, emission - any of several bodily processes by which substances go out of the body; "the discharge of pus"
incontinence, incontinency - involuntary urination or defecation
micturition, urination - the discharge of urine
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A British man has been excreting live poliovirus for an estimated 28 years.
New Delhi, June 19 (ANI): A Chinese girl, who has been excreting nails for the past month, is believed to have been a victim of abuse, revealed doctors who were taking care of her.
Excreting less calcium indicates that they absorbed less of the mineral.