executive secretary

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executive secretary

A secretary having administrative duties and responsibilities.

exec′utive sec′retary

a secretary with administrative responsibilities, esp. one who assists an executive in a business firm.
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Noun1.executive secretary - a secretary having administrative duties and responsibilitiesexecutive secretary - a secretary having administrative duties and responsibilities
secretarial assistant, secretary - an assistant who handles correspondence and clerical work for a boss or an organization
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ECLAC s Executive Secretary was accompanied by the Deputy Executive Secretary, Antonio Prado; the Officer-in-Charge of the Commission, Luis F.
The UNECE Executive Secretary noted that the UN appreciates the constructive approach of Turkmenistan in building long-term and mutually beneficial partnership for global peace and sustainable development.
Hyacienth Peter, Executive secretary JPC, while addressing a seminar paid rich tribute to Pakistan army and stated that they were sacrificing their lives for safeguarding and securing peaceful future.
According to another document, Askar Musinov was appointed executive secretary of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry.
Adam received Tuesday in his office at the Republican Palace the Executive Secretary of the International Conference of the Great Lakes States, in the presence of the Director of the Bilateral Relations Administration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Coordinator of the Great Lakes Region, Ambassador Omer Mohamed Siddiq.
The long-serving stalwart of Marsden Cricket Club has been administration secretary since 2012 and takes over from Stephen Sykes, who resigned as executive secretary a couple of weeks ago.
The 2009 Executive Secretary, PA and Office Manager Forum The 2009 Middle East PA of the Year Award will this year be held alongside IIR's 2009 Executive Secretary, PA and Office Manager Forum, to celebrate Administrative Professionals' Week in the region.
Aronoff's replacement as ACOT executive secretary is Patricia Stroup, who works in the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Department of Legislative Affairs.
Born in Benin, Gnacadja served as Minister of Environment, Housing and Urban Development of Benin from 1999 to 2005 before taking up his position as UNCCD Executive Secretary.
BEIRUT: Nadim Khoury, deputy executive secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, said that numbers and statistics are insufficient to measure development.
Executive Secretary met the affected people in flood relief camp of Khairpur, Nakhan Shah in Dadu District and inquired about their sufferings specially related to food, water, shelter and health.
Stutz, executive secretary, League of Kansas Municipalities;

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