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Noun1.executive vice president - a vice president holding executive powerexecutive vice president - a vice president holding executive power
V.P., vice president - an executive officer ranking immediately below a president; may serve in the president's place under certain circumstances
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Tim" Harvey assumes the title of Executive Vice President - Global Distribution Services and Chief Information Officer, overseeing the company's distribution activities in addition to its technology programs.
Before joining Crum & Forster last year as an executive vice president, Antonopoulos was a principal of Marsh & McLennan Capital Inc.
In 1990, he was elected executive vice president of Kemper Financial Services and senior vice president, corporate and international development, of Kemper Corp.
Keegan, currently TNS' Executive Vice President and General Counsel, has been named Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel; and Edward C.
He had been a DSM executive vice president and board member since the corporation was formed in October 1985.
As executive vice president for the company, Joe Serra serves as the chief architect behind many of Network Liquidator's strategic initiatives, which include market- and product-segment expansion, revenue generation, and account engagement with top customers and governmental agencies.
The regional executive vice presidents will be responsible for all business initiatives involving exploration and producing operations in their regions.
Other promotions include Richard Gray to senior executive vice president - senior lending officer; Jim Afflerback to executive vice president - Operations; David Mazza to executive vice president - Real Estate and Bank Facilities; and Pamela Joy Owens to executive vice president and chief financial officer.
Patrick previously served as executive vice president, Equity Markets Group, since 1992; he will remain an executive vice president of Merrill Lynch & Co.
Reporting to Paterson in the newly aligned Bowater organization are Pierre Monahan, who has been promoted to Executive Vice President - Building Products; Randy Ellington, who has been promoted to Senior Vice President - Newsprint Sales; and William Morris, who has been promoted to Senior Vice President for Coated and Specialty Papers Sales and Marketing.
Since then, he has held positions of controller, treasurer and controller, and executive vice president responsible for all administrative functions.
has been promoted to the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer.

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