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 (ĕk′sĭ-drə, ĭk-sē′-)
1. A usually curved outdoor bench with a high back.
2. An often semicircular portico with seats that was used in ancient Greece and Rome as a place for discussions.

[Latin, from Greek exedrā : ex-, ex- + hedrā, seat; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈɛksɪdrə; ɛkˈsiː-)
n, pl -drae (-ˌdriː)
1. (Architecture) a building, room, portico, or apse containing a continuous bench, used in ancient Greece and Rome for holding discussions
2. (Architecture) an outdoor bench in a recess
[C18: via Latin from Greek, from hedra seat]


(ˈɛk sɪ drə, ɛkˈsi-)

n., pl. ex•e•drae (ˈɛk sɪˌdri, ɛkˈsi dri)
1. (in ancient Greece and Rome) a recess in the wall of a courtyard or other open area, as in a palaestra, used for lectures or meetings.
2. a permanent outdoor bench, semicircular in plan and having a high back.
[1700–10; < Latin < Greek exédra=ex- ex-3 + (h)édra seat, bench]