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1. Worthy of imitation; commendable: exemplary behavior.
2. Serving as a model.
3. Serving as an illustration; typical.
4. Serving as a warning; admonitory.

[From Middle English exaumplarie, exemplere, an exemplar; see exemplar.]

ex′em·plar′i·ly (ĕg′zəm-plâr′ə-lē) adv.
ex·em′pla·ri·ness, ex′em·plar′i·ty (ĕg′zəm-plăr′ĭ-tē) n.
References in classic literature ?
The Russian governor sent out messengers to appease them, assuring them that he knew nothing of it, and that there had not a soul in his garrison been abroad, so that it could not be from anybody there: but if they could let him know who did it, they should be exemplarily punished.
The PLA-BioAdimide curve shows exemplarily the formulation with 2 wt% of BioAdimide.
The mRNA expression of TFRC was exemplarily validated by immunohistochemical detection of transferrin receptor protein expression.
In class, we focused on the so-called J or "Jahwist" voice (believed by some to have been that of a unique woman poet, using traditional folktale materials), but compared her (or his/their) tales exemplarily to the contributions of the P or "Priestly" voice, which were mostly negative and orthodoxly censorious: the writers versus the priestly nonwriters--those whom Sally Elliott, The Brunist Day of Wrath's resident debunker, calls "a bunch of beardy guys with tight assholes.
It should therefore be used the chance to exemplarily implement the current objects of knowledge from the work of the institute in the great projects "institution-building," a collaboration between architecture and energy systems technology.
He said: "We thought that the day went very well and the vast majority of fans showed exemplarily behaviour.
The members of the delegation presented Exemplarily Service Award 2015 to the Police Chief on his meritorious services and expressed full confidence over his professional capabilities.
There Mikuriya Takashi cross-references other inmates' diaries to demonstrate, for example, that Sasakawa was indeed liked by his peers and conducted himself exemplarily, as Sasakawa often boasts.
Figures 4a and 4b show exemplarily typical midspan deflection curves w(t) monitored within a creep loading time of 52 weeks.
Now we want to discuss exemplarily and in detail the application of the smoothed aggregation technique to the 2D Laplacian with 9-point stencils.
Figure 1 exemplarily illustrates the coverage provided by proportional and excess of loss gap insurance for a given level of [beta] and v, respectively.
An exemplarily bad Aristotelian, he undergoes no reversal, or peripeteia, nor does he experience any recognition, or anagnorisis, the two key conceptual components of tragic experience for Aristotle.