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1. Treating all parts or aspects without omission; thorough: an exhaustive study.
2. Tending to exhaust.

ex·haus′tive·ly adv.
ex·haus′tive·ness n.
ex′haus·tiv′i·ty n.


[ɪgˈzɔːstɪvnɪs] Nexhaustividad f
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Barrister Syed Ali Zafar as amicus curiae said in order to arrive at a fair and just conclusion of the journey discovering the silence of the constitution and to that in order to understand the question, the constitution has to be interpreted according to the principles of structural modality which is also known as the rule of harmony, rule of completeness or rule of exhaustiveness.
On the other hand, there is a risk of anthologies acting as a kind of whirlwind traipse through a highly diverse and differentiated corpus of literature, superficially skimming the surface but giving the impression of exhaustiveness.
Here again I remind that our approach is to aim for representativeness rather than exhaustiveness.
Tribune News Network Doha Automation will afford the 2020 census more accuracy, exhaustiveness and optimisation of efforts in mapping Qatar's population, housing and business establishments, Assistant Undersecretary for Statistics Sultan al Kuwari has said.
Without exhaustiveness, The necessary means must include an optical reflectometer, A welder, .
2015b; among others), expressed as follows; existence and determination, monotony, uniqueness quantification, invariance, grade one homogeneity, transitivity and non-arbitrariness in the importance attached to the simple indicators, or neutrality (a property introduced by Zarzosa, 1996), as well as completeness, exhaustiveness, additivity and invariance compared to the baseline.
One can easily imagine some of the consequences of this situation, such as the lack of consistency between the produced literature reviews, the inequality of their exhaustiveness and quality, and the impossibility to update the reviews as a consequence of the lack of accountable information of the review process.
Successfully completing FANR requirements, such as CHT, is treated as a huge milestone by ENEC, owing to the stringency of the regulator's standards and policies, and the exhaustiveness of the processes involved in securing approvals and licences.
We conducted a second review of the categories and subcategories to assure exhaustiveness and exclusiveness and to address challenges in the analysis (e.
It includes a detailed analysis with the integrity of logic and exhaustiveness of contents.
The sheer exhaustiveness of the exhibition might in fact preclude the possibility of more definitive claims.
It has complicated law which codification had in mind to contrarily simplify, creating vast spaces of regulation populated with special laws and hence ruining the effect of exhaustiveness which the code was meant to produce.