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1. Treating all parts or aspects without omission; thorough: an exhaustive study.
2. Tending to exhaust.

ex·haus′tive·ly adv.
ex·haus′tive·ness n.
ex′haus·tiv′i·ty n.


[ɪgˈzɔːstɪvnɪs] Nexhaustividad f
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The thoroughness and exhaustiveness of the ancillary information provided is more than one would expect from even a critical edition.
Crucially, however, he is not told to record vyavahara specifically, which, given the exhaustiveness of the list, could easily have been enumerated.
of the past survives, but that only makes the exhaustiveness of the
Similarly, national treatment is the highest standard of treatment and so does not represent a true contingency, as indicated by the brackets around it in the table; it is included for the sake of exhaustiveness.
What Ingrao deplores is what he perceives as overly empiricist studies with their belief in archival exhaustiveness verging on "neo-positivism" (p.
Additionally, the supply-use framework which is central to annual national accounts compilation in GCC countries, unobserved economy and informal sector, exhaustiveness of national accounts, integrated data collection strategy for SUT and annual national accounts will also be discussed.
Another reason we might have to infer that a federal scheme excludes parallel state action is the exhaustiveness of the scheme; if federal legislation constitutes a comprehensive, detailed, finely balanced treatment of a subject, the broad scope of the federal system might justify the inference that any additional layer of regulation at the state level would impermissibly derange the delicate array of choices made by Congress.
meets requirements of exhaustiveness, cohesion and non-redundancy (Hites et al.
All of the information available on QuiltingHub is generated by the community, ensuring a high degree of both accuracy and exhaustiveness.
The characteristics of a good information source are timelessness, accuracy, relevance, cost effectiveness, trustworthiness, usability, exhaustiveness and aggregation level (Statrasts, 2004).
In fact, some wittings and texts have been written for more familiarity with it, the necessity of becoming familiar with it, the prerequisites of this familiarity as well as the current and future needs for its development and exhaustiveness.