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Noun1.exhibition game - a game whose outcome is not recorded in the season's standingexhibition game - a game whose outcome is not recorded in the season's standing
game - a single play of a sport or other contest; "the game lasted two hours"
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3 with an exhibition game against Northwest Christian University, bringing former Oregon great Luke Jackson to Matthew Knight Arena once again as coach of the Beacons.
Rodman and the squad of retired NBA players he took to North Korea for an exhibition game marking Kim's birthday have met with criticism in the U.
Major League Baseball has released the 2013 Spring Training schedule, and with it, the first Spring Training exhibition game will be held on Thursday, February 21st in Fort Myers, Florida, where the Boston Red Sox will host Northeastern University.
BAHRAIN'S under-20 national basketball team defeated Alexandria Olympic Club 71-54 in an exhibition game in Egypt.
The Women's National Team has been training in northeast Ohio and is excited to play an exhibition game at the new state-of-the-art facility.
The Dodgers and Angels got together for the traditional Freeway Series exhibition game Thursday, though the routine is completely unnecessary.
In an exhibition game this past spring, Alex Rodriguez walked onto the field to stretch with his new Texas Rangers teammates as the New York Yankees' Derek Jeter quietly took batting practice.
a world leader in consumer electronics is celebrating its second year of sponsorship with the NFL with an inaugural Samsung/NFL football exhibition game on Sept.
We are trying to get ready for the exhibition game, but more importantly, we are trying to get some things game ready," Altman said this week.
After teaching the techniques of the game, Max Talent coaches organised an exhibition game for the school children who were divided into two sides.
The Houston Astros have had to cancel an exhibition game with the Boston Red Sox at Minute Maid Park because of a rule within MLB's CBA.
Also, the Dodgers say ESPN plans to show their exhibition game against Atlanta on Feb.