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Adj.1.exogenic - derived or originating externally
endogenic, endogenous - derived or originating internally
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Blastocyst complementation generates exogenic pancreas in vivo in apancreatic cloned pigs.
15) documented substantial increases in dry eye syndrome and IOP in postmenopausal women using exogenic estrogen.
Topographic features are created during cumulative inuence of endogenic and exogenic processes operating on the earth surface (Burbank and Anderson, 2011; Faghih
Effect of exogenic benzoic acid and cinnamic acid on the root oxidative damage of tomato seedlings.
Such findings invite more research on the endogenic and exogenic factors affecting peak bone mass in the Saudi population.
In another study, cloned pigs with exogenic pancreas were developed using blastocyst complementation (Matsunari et al.
The death produced by suicide is ambiguous as the participant in this act does not see it as an exogenic fact, but he/she "in-corporates" it, breaking thereby the very laws on which he/she was built.
Based on a broad literature, Kusz, Gedek, and Kata (2015) identified enumerated exogenic and endogenic factors that may determine the investment activity of family farms.
Results: In vitro treatment of ALCL by neurolenin B suppressed NPM/ALK, JunB and PDGF-R[beta] expression, inhibited the growth of ALCL cells late in M phase, and induced apoptosis via caspase 3 without compromising mitochondrial activity (as a measure of general exogenic toxicity).
Whatever exogenic processes we see on Vesta, we should also see on Ceres.
Komisar, 2013) The alterations in health insurance coverage over the years and in the relative cost of medical services are not exogenic, and tend to be a function of earnings.
Activation of endogenous viruses and action of exogenic viruses.