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n. exoftalmia, protrusión anormal del globo del ojo.
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We excluded patients having facial trauma affecting the eye balls, pre-existing orbital disease affecting the orbital nerve, exophthalmia, hyperthyroidism, incomplete medical records, unavailable CT brain scans or absent millimetre-scale sequences.
In contrast to GBS strains that are known to cause disease outbreaks in fish (10,18), the live and whole fish from which GBS ST283 was recovered in this study did not have defects, such as corneal opacity and exophthalmia (18), which suggests that this ST might not be pathogenic for freshwater fish.
During that period, moderate weight loss was noted (465 g), and the degree of exophthalmia and buphthalmia of the left globe continued to increase.
Ocular changes such as exophthalmia, eyelid retraction, conjunctival oedema, ocular irritation, abnormal ocular motility, diplopia, and sometimes visual abnormalities and loss, occur in a large number of patients.
Abnormalities found exclusive to experimental groups are as follows: Craniostenosis, short snout, anophthalmia, microphthalmia, exophthalmia, palpabral coloboma, kyphosis, lordosis, spina bifida, prognathia, scoliosis, limb malrotation and deformation, clinodactyly, ectrodactyly, apodia, ankylodactyly, fused digits, flexed paw and hooked tail, at 44g/g B.
Clinical findings such as exophthalmia, visual impairment, and diplopia occur due to pressure of the fronto-ethmoidal mucocele on the orbita.
17,26,27], who observed signs such as skin alterations, anorexia, exophthalmia, corneal opacity, extension of the visceral cavity, bleeding and abdominal inflammation, hepatomegaly and splenomegaly.
6 g) from ponds with clinical signs such as shallow and erratic swimming, exophthalmia and haemorrhagic skin lesions.
The symptoms of this disease, which causes more than 50% fish mortality in 3-7 days (Yanong and Floyd, 2002), are abnormal behavior, including erratic-spiral swimming, combined with the external clinical signs of exophthalmia, darkening body and swollen abdomen (Areechon et al.
The high incidence of corneal ulceration in Pugs in present study may be due to the fact that pronounced globe position of brachycepahalic dogs predispose the eye to ocular trauma and exophthalmia prevents normal palpebral apposition and leads to lagophthalmos (Carrington et al.
Presence of a positive correlation between depth and mortality is frequently reported in the literature, and the relationship is thought to be associated primarily with injuries sustained during decompression, such as overexpansion and rupture of the gas bladder, esophageal eversion, cloacal prolapse, exophthalmia, and gas infusion into vital organs (Davis, 2002; Rummer and Bennett, 2005; Hannah et al.
Sampled fish presented red spotted skin lesions of varied degree along their bodies, ulcers, especially in the bacterium injection site, mild exophthalmia, and abdominal swelling.