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Concurrent with the expiry of the CIR-FCA shareholder agreement, a new shareholder agreement will take effect between CIR and EXOR.
Before the close of the first quarter, it became apparent that the commercial superpower was itself being shopped by its Italian parent company, Exor.
There are other interested parties, with rumours still persisting with regard to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp in conjunction with one of Europe's leading investment firms EXOR.
Also today, Exor announced that current chairman John Elkann would take over Sant'Albano's role as CEO at Exor.
The court said it also received a submission from Mamut of Norway and TeamSystem of Italy and a separate application from Swedish software firm Exor.
The Italian firm said it continues to maintain that the board of PartnerRe has conducted a flawed process to date and has mischaracterised the nature of its discussions with Exor.
The Axis Capital and PartnerRe boards have recommended that their respective stockholders vote "for" the amalgamation agreement between the companies despite a competing offer on the table from Italian investment firm Exor.
PartnerRe decided to re-commit to be bought by Axis Capital Holdings despite repeated entreaties from its largest shareholder, Italian investment firm Exor.