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1. Excessiveness, as of price or amount.
2. Behavior or an action that exceeds what is right or proper.


(ɪgˈzɔr bɪ təns)

also ex•or′bi•tan•cy,

the quality of being exorbitant.
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Noun1.exorbitance - excessive excess
excessiveness, inordinateness, excess - immoderation as a consequence of going beyond sufficient or permitted limits


A condition of going or being beyond what is needed, desired, or appropriate:
جَسامَه، فَداحَه


[ɪgˈzɔːbɪtəns] Nexorbitancia f


n (of price)Unverschämtheit f; (of demands also)Maßlosigkeit f, → Übertriebenheit f


[ɪgˈzɔːbɪtns] neccessività


(igˈzoːbitənt) adjective
(of prices or demands) very high or unreasonable.
exˈorbitantly adverb
exˈorbitance noun
References in classic literature ?
This dearth, it is fair to assume, was caused by the exorbitance of Red-Eye, and it illustrates the menace he was to the existence of the horde.
The women, indeed, usually entered the church at once, and the farmers' wives talked in an undertone to each other, over the tall pews, about their illnesses and the total failure of doctor's stuff, recommending dandelion- tea, and other home-made specifics, as far preferable--about the servants, and their growing exorbitance as to wages, whereas the quality of their services declined from year to year, and there was no girl nowadays to be trusted any further than you could see her--about the bad price Mr.
His arrest, however, had nothing to do with the pill's exorbitance price increase but instead, alleged illegal practices during his time at both a pharmaceutical company and his hedge fund, MSMB Capital Management.
And all at once both have been freed from the exorbitance of paying through the nose to fund a legal war which at one point even threatened to strip King of his liberty and force him to spend Christmas behind bars.
It's the perversion of justice and exorbitance of legal authority.
Le responsable du CNPSR a souligne que l'[beaucoup moins que] exorbitance des couts economiques [beaucoup plus grand que] de l'insecurite routiere constitue un autre element lourd du constat, en temoigne, a-t-il precise, les donnees fournies par le secteur des assurances qui, [beaucoup moins que] pour la seule indemnisation des sinistres automobiles au titre de l'annee 2014, a situe le montant a hauteur de 44,8 milliards de dinars, soit l'equivalent de plus de 400 millions d'euros [beaucoup plus grand que].
Carlos Jordi, Note, Diminished Returns: The Exorbitance of Collecting DNA from All Arrestees, 26 ST.
According to Joseph Addison, No oppression is so heavy or lasting as that which is inflicted by the perversion and exorbitance of legal authority.
Because it wouldn't mean giving a chance for a dialogue, but giving a chance for further exorbitance of Gruevski's regime.
Grey's immoderate occupancy of physical space is inextricably linked to the exorbitance of his wealth: 'Anastasia, I earn roughly one hundred thousand dollars an hour' (FSD, p109), he immodestly tells her, the statement's gratuity underscored by the fact that the size of his buildings has already done the talking for him: 'This is seriously rich,' Ana has remarked, seeing his monstrous apartment for the first time (FS, p94).
26) This exorbitance, to use Chandler's word, afforded Black Folks a "second sight," which I think exposes the Subject's dependence on Time and its interiorizing effect over the World.