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A hard outer structure, such as the shell of an insect or crustacean, that provides protection or support for an organism.

ex′o·skel′e·tal (-ĭ-tl) adj.
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LOS ANGELES -- X-Ar[TM], the exoskeletal arm support developed by Equipois Inc.
Electromyography-controlled exoskeletal upper-limb-powered orthosis for exercise training after stroke.
One highlight of the show was the announcement of the 10th Annual ErgoExpo Attendees' Choice Awards, winners included: Equipois' X-Ar(TM) Exoskeletal Arm; Ergotron's WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Desk; Kenson's OysterMouse; Kinesis Corporation's Freestyle 2 Split-Adjustable Keyboard; and Mas Un Limited's Simply Dump It wheelbarrow handles.
1,280 [+ or -] 970 [micro]g/g for nondiseased) were found in the exoskeletal tissues of diseased lobsters.
Equipois's zeroG[R] technology is a mechanical exoskeletal arm that enables workers to maneuver tools and other objects as if weightless, with unmatched freedom of motion.
Air Force veteran Ian Brown, who was paralyzed in the line of duty, will demonstrate an exoskeletal walking system.
In benthic forms exoskeletal elements often have a cryptic function, making the fish's exterior resemble the environmental background (Burdak 1979, p.
With its unique center driver seating position and exoskeletal frame design, Project Ironman was created with real-time input from customers through Model E's online Virtual Design Center.
Selected examples would include exoskeletal robotic devices such the ReWalk (Argo Medical Technologies Ltd; Haifa, Israel), the Tibion Bionic Leg (Tibion Corporation; Sunnyvale, California), and the Walking Assist Device (Honda Motor Co Ltd; Tokyo, Japan).
4]) by carapace and exoskeletal characteristics (Aiken 1973), the presence and severity of active lesions (open wounds), shell disease, and other abnormalities.
These species provided vital physical reinforcement to oyster reef through the accretion and intertwining of hard exoskeletal structures that enhanced reef cohesion, promoted oyster reef proliferation, and increased spatial complexity.
The Gel Max Mouthguard sets Shock Doctor apart in the marketplace because of its superior design, which incorporates a heavy-duty Exoskeletal Shock Frame, Gel-Fit liner and breathing channels.