expanding upon

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Noun1.expanding upon - adding information or detail
step-up, increase - the act of increasing something; "he gave me an increase in salary"
amplification, elaboration - addition of extra material or illustration or clarifying detail; "a few remarks added in amplification and defense"; "an elaboration of the sketch followed"
annotating, annotation - the act of adding notes
subjoining, subjunction, supplementation - the act of supplementing
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Expanding upon the current BlackBerry Enterprise Solution offered by E-Plus, beginning in July, small and medium-sized companies and retail customers in Germany will be able to subscribe to BlackBerry Internet Service on the E-Plus network.
Local 164 is dedicated to expanding upon these innovative programs, which have elevated the quality of electrical and telecommunications services throughout the construction industry.
Expanding upon the tradition of reflected light at Cranbrook developed by Saarinen, the approach from Woodward is defined by a long, low curving wall of Cor-Ten embedded in the earth and illuminated by concealed light.
This transaction is a milestone for Zavata, as expanding upon our RCMS services has been a key strategic initiative this year, in large part due to the extremely successful growth of our RCMS practice following the Siemens' acquisition," said Satish Sanan, Zavata's Executive Chairman and CEO.
iTKO is on a fast track for success in a very hot market and I look forward to contributing to that success through expanding upon its global sales strategy.
DayLite delivers an unparalleled productivity tool to business professionals, and I look forward to expanding upon Marketcircle's network of European business partnerships and reseller channels in order to offer consumers access to Marketcircle's business productivity applications.