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That can expand or be expanded: an expansible antenna.

ex·pan′si·bil′i·ty n.
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This kind of product can boost the student's interest in learning, and has convenience and expansibility for teaching.
14) The 2012 Army Strategic Planning Guidance states, "The development of mid-grade officers and non-commissioned officers has been the historical limiting factor in expansibility.
Expansibility requires excess capacity during peacetime and top-heavy organizations to provide foundations for expansion.
ZTE s solution will enable Telkom Indonesia to maximize the value of their investment by lowering total cost of ownership, delivering high flexibility, scalability and expansibility, in addition to improved reliability and security, easier maintenance and more efficient network operations, administration and management (OA&M), enabling super-long-haul transmission, and excellent 100G transmission capability.
approaches to an upper limit with the increase of trees, therefore, RF has very good expansibility in case of unknown prediction.
The joint stock companies that are to enter the mandatory quotation are obligated to submit financial reports for the last two years, provide nominal capital in an amount of one million euro, at least one percent expansibility of the shares in the public and at least 50 shareholders.
Derivation of an Expansibility Factor for the V-Cone Meter," Flow Measurement International Conference, Peebles, Scotland, UK, June 2001.
Continuously monitor the respiratory functions by using auscultation, percussion and respiratory frequency, thoracic expansibility, signs of dyspnea, oxygen saturation, arterial gasometric levels as well as the preservation of the cough reflex.
The engineers of GstarCAD will work harder to provide users a better access mode, support and expansibility as well as a more excellent CAD platform.