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Tending toward or causing expansion: the empire's expansionary policies in Asia.


(ɪkˈspæn ʃəˌnɛr i)

tending toward expansion: an expansionary economy.


[ɪksˈpænʃənəry] ADJexpansionista, de expansión
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Conditions in the credit market and the behavior of Ricardian consumers may differentiate the effects of expansionary and contractionary government spending shocks on aggregate demand.
Global Banking News-July 30, 2015--Irish central bank warns against expansionary budget
Michael Noonan fired one of the first shots of the General Election campaign with promises of expansionary Budgets for years to come.
Using this formula, the authors show that the government's fiscal policy had a somewhat more expansionary effect during the Great Recession than it had during other recessions.
Low interest rates and an expansionary fiscal policy provide stimulus to the economy in 2014.
The Saudi stock market made significant gains in recent days as expectations grew over an expansionary budget.
The risk of deflation in the US and the eurozone may require more expansionary monetary policy, such as quantitative easing (QE), QNB has said in a report.
However, there are those who see such schemes as outright unsustainable, believing that expansionary monetary policies are instead holding economies hostage.
Although Germany is currently Nyx's largest market, Eersel was chosen for its high level of connectivity from an international and pan-European perspective, in line with the company's expansionary plans.
In other words, the Bundesbank -- unlike Mario Draghi, head of the ECB, and his team -- wants to promote anti-inflation policies based on price stability rather than expansionary monetary policies that pay attention to unemployment.
Factors such as high domestic demand, an expansionary fiscal policy and growth in the non-oil economy would bolster economic growth to average 5.
This comes as no surprise since government's expansionary fiscal policy led to an increase in debt financing since 2009.