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1. Capable of expanding or tending to expand.
2. Broad in size or extent; comprehensive: expansive police powers.
3. Open and communicative; talkative or effusive: Wine made the guest expansive.
4. Grand in scale: an expansive lifestyle.

ex·pan′sive·ly adv.
ex·pan′sive·ness, ex′pan·siv′i·ty (ĕk′spăn-sĭv′ĭ-tē) n.
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Noun1.expansiveness - a quality characterized by magnificence of scale or the tendency to expand; "the expansiveness of their extravagant life style was soon curtailed"
impressiveness, magnificence, grandness, richness - splendid or imposing in size or appearance; "the grandness of the architecture"; "impressed by the richness of the flora"
2.expansiveness - a friendly open trait of a talkative person
communicativeness - the trait of being communicative


[ɪkˈspænsɪvnɪs] N [of person] → carácter m sociable
References in classic literature ?
For in their interflowing aggregate, those grand fresh-water seas of ours --Erie, and Ontario, and Huron, and Superior, and Michigan, --possess an ocean-like expansiveness, with many of the ocean's noblest traits; with many of its rimmed varieties of races and of climes.
Indeed, I believe that none but greenhorns and excessively Russian people feel an attraction towards the French; for, to any man of sensibility, such a compendium of outworn forms--a compendium which is built up of drawing-room manners, expansiveness, and gaiety--becomes at once over-noticeable and unbearable.
Indeed, there was something more than his usual expansiveness of bodily action in his appearance at that moment.
Indeed, Joseph Sedley, affected by the humble position in which he found his relations, and in the expansiveness and overflowing of heart occasioned by the first meeting, declared that they should never suffer want or discomfort any more, that he was at home for some time at any rate, during which his house and everything he had should be theirs: and that Amelia would look very pretty at the head of his table--until she would accept one of her own.
Unable to forget or even to forgive--the bass- toned expansiveness of Peter Ivanovitch, the Archpatron of revolutionary parties, I said that I took this for a favourable trait of character.
Each of these small cells currently serves one tenant; we are able to achieve the 15 percent yield given the depth and expansiveness of our existing metropolitan networks.
For the new Q7 generation, the design has succeeded in implanting a feeling of expansiveness, roominess and cultivated elegance," the jury stated in its reasoning.
This new way of leading calls us toward inclusiveness, collaboration, synchronicity, expansiveness, abundance, wholeness, mutuality, intuitive knowing and compassion.
Owners currently desire a larger Great Room plan for entertaining and the expansiveness of the outdoor living spaces reflect the Owner's desire to extend their living area outdoors," said Steve MarcAntonio, Director of Sales.
It is this expansiveness of vision that has enabled the UAE to show the world how, being young in age, robust of heart and guided by the wisdom of its ancestors and its rich heritage, can give the pursuit of progress a new dimension that is the envy of the world.
Winogrand moved beyond 'close-up" New York into the wide-open spaces of Texas and Los Angeles, his camera eye widening to capture America's seemingly limitless expansiveness and uncontainability, always on the lookout for signs of the materialistic American dream.
The expansiveness of Mormon principles can be seen as "an achievement of something that is valued in the culture,'' Herrin said.